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Ten On Tuesday

Last month when Kym was here visiting she asked where Dale and I hang out. And you know what? I was stumped. I mean, we don’t really hang out anywhere. The question has been on my mind ever since, though, and it inspired this week’s Ten On Tuesday topic: 10 Places I Hang Out.

leaves and sneakers for carole knits

  1. My living room. This is probably where I spend the most time. It’s where I knit and read and watch TV. When I get sick of the living room I move to
  2. The den. It’s quiet and soothing in there. Sadly, I can’t spend all of my time in these two rooms and, since I’m dependent on a paycheck, I have to drive to
  3. The library. My office there is very nice, I must say. Every morning, though, I leave the library and head for
  4. The Council on Aging. I spend a few hours there, organizing stuff and working with the seniors in town and managing that department. Then I head back to the library before I finally go out to
  5. My car. Mostly the mustang these days although that’s going to change once the snow and ice start up. Sometimes I drive home to my living room but other times I drive to
  6. Town Hall. I’m on the building committee for our local library project and we’ve been having frequent meetings lately. It’s fun and exciting but my favorite part is when I get to go home and climb into
  7. My bed. Seriously, crawling into that bed at the end of the day is my favorite thing ever. I read and Dale and I catch up and it’s a few minutes of utter contentment before I fall asleep. On the nights when we aren’t home we are usually at
  8. Kiwanis. You know all about that. Or we go out to eat at
  9. The 99. It’s a small chain, the bartender is a friend, and the food is consistently good. On rare occasions when we want to have extra fun we go someplace like
  10. The Narrows. Or the movies. Or a different restaurant. Mostly, though, we stay home.

That’s my list and I have to admit it seems a bit pathetic. Still, I’m happy with how I spend my time and who I spend it with. How about you? Where do you hang out?

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  1. When making my list, I decided I am incredibly dull and entirely predictable. But, upon further reflection, maybe that’s what “hanging out” is really all about . . . XO

  2. Not pathetic at all (and that’s not just because my list is so similar!) These are all great places, and don’t forget that you also hung out in Vegas with Donny!

  3. I think Kym is right. Hanging out is what we do when we relax and spend time with those we like most. We are also homebodies. I would add ‘gym’ and ‘church’ to my list. Gym should be more and church because I volunteer there where I serve members, guests and those who need help. Not exciting, but good.

  4. I didn’t even think of hanging out at work. I HAVE to be there (although I like my job), but truly hanging out involves people I love.

  5. Great list but I expected to see your beautiful deck on that list. I love the pictures of your deck. I hangout on my deck for as long as possible. I had coffee out there just yesterday.

  6. Not a pathetic list at all. We have similar ones and I think it indicates that we are easy to please and content with life!

  7. You describe a very full day–I think most adults hang out at home and at work more than anywhere else. It seems like the right thing to do!

  8. It’s not pathetic at all….it’s living life the way that most of us do. <3 I love the way you phrased this list.

  9. Oh, I didn’t think about including my car on my list. I hang out there less often now than I used to (since my commute has been cut in half by the new job, yay!) but it’s still a place where I spend a fair amount of time.

    And I don’t spend nearly enough time at the library these days. I think it’s time to fix that. Thanks for the reminder!

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