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Here’s what’s happening in my world. Right now.

mfa jan 2016 for carole knits

Remembering: Our awesome visit to the MFA last week to see the Class Distinctions exhibit. It was crowded (it was near the end of the run) but I’m so glad we went.

Watching: All the movies. The Oscars are just around the corner and I have the same goal as every year – to try and see all of the Best Picture nominees. Dare I say that I’m on track for this? Time will tell.

Listening: To podcasts. I recently discovered Happier by Gretchen Rubin and I’m going back and plugging my way through an entire year of episodes. I’m still enjoying Books on the Nightstand, Literary Disco and 2 Knit Lit Chics. Serial is back and, while I can’t say I’m truly hooked, I am not going to stop listening.

Reading: My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante.

Visiting: With great people and friends. This week I had lunch with the “band wives” – the group of women married to the men in Dale’s band. We have been together many many times over the years but this is the first time we have ever gotten together for lunch and I hope it becomes a regular thing because it was wonderful. We shared stories, laughed and cried, and I remembered – once again – that this is a group of women who will always, always have my back.

Cooking: Lots of dinner in the Instant Pot. Still going strong and recipes I’ve added to my repertoire include chicken noodle soup, chicken piccata, pot roast, and homemade yogurt.

Training: With a new personal trainer. It’s scary starting with someone new but it’s good for me and I’m pushing through the fear.

Anticipating: Snow this weekend? Depends on who you listen to at the moment. It could be snowmageddon or it could miss us completely. My bet is it will be something in between.

Hoping: For a Pats victory on Sunday.

Laughing: Over this knitting time calculator. $2250 for a pair of fingerless mitts and $11,250 for a lace shawl. I’m sure my friends will be jumping to place their orders.

What’s happening in your world right now?

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  1. We are tiring of the dark and gray. We aren’t used to more than a few days without sunshine and this year has not gotten that message yet. Our reply has been to consider travel to Spring Training. ?? Meanwhile, we will make do with a Broncos win on Sunday. Sorry, but just a little.

  2. I love the knitting time calculator! I’ve been asked for a Dr. Who scarf, but the person may balk at the $22,500 price tag (boredom surcharge included).

  3. As long as we don’t lose power I’m all for the snow this weekend. Such a wonderful excuse to hunker down and knit!!! I may just find a new pattern to celebrate.

  4. So much of my listening time is spent with podcasts. I adore too many to count. The knitting calculator is perfect! Now we have proof at how much our precious knitting is worth.

  5. My guess is 5 inches of snow. I’m praying for a Pats win on Sunday. Thanks for the podcast suggestions. I’m always looking for new ones.

  6. Knitting Calculator FTW! I certainly created the most laughs in this house this week!

    Also, thanks for the podcast recommendations – I am having trouble getting into Serial this season, but I am hanging in there!

  7. We are due for 18 to 24 inches. I am not looking forward to it. I dislike the hassle and inconvenience – and all that shoveling!! But if the power stays on, I will be able to handle it a bit easier!!

    Linda in VA

  8. I did that with Happier, too. Had to listen to them all. I haven’t heard of Literary Disco so will add that one to my list when I sync the Ipod this weekend. I listen to the others you mentioned.

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