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A Little Summer Fun for Late Winter

I teased you a bit on Friday and said we were doing something warm for the weekend. And warm we were at Great Wolf Lodge New England. The purpose of the trip was, ostensibly anyway, the Kiwanis Mid-Winter Conference. However, we did not do much Kiwanis-ing. We did, however, do lots and lots of fun things with a great group of friends.

dale and carole wolf ears

Like take selfies wearing wolf ears. Yes, everyone gets wolf ears upon check in. They are silly but we all wore them all weekend long.

great wolf lodge for carole knits

Of course the big attraction is the water park. Now. I am not generally a fan of this type of place. For one, there are tons of people and a lot of those people are kids. And it’s loud.

sunday lunch beer for carole knits

But. It’s also warm (84°!) and there are adult beverages and lots of water activities to try.

dale tom anne waterslide for carole knits

Like water slides.

great wolf lodge pool for carole knits

And a lazy river and a really big hot tub.

I’m not generally the adventurous type but my friends convinced me to try a couple of those waterslides and let me just say – it was a blast. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!

knitting and hurricane for carole knits

And when I wasn’t tubing I was knitting and relaxing and sharing stories with friends. And also drinking adult beverages. I mentioned those, right? The Hurricanes were very fine, I’m just saying.

dale water bucket

It was great to just kick back with friends and be silly.

wolf ears and red mask for carole knits

It was a pretty darn perfect weekend.

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  1. Ah-rooooo! (Not sure how that’s spelled. Like a wolf would care after an adult beverage anyway!). Glad you had crazy fun.

  2. You’re not generally adventures? Could have fooled me. This looks like just the kind of weekend you’d love! Glad you had a crazy good time!

  3. I’m not much of a water park person either, but this sure looks like fun. The perfect combination of warmth, water, beverages, relaxation, and knitting does make for a great weekend!

  4. It DOES look like fun – and an antidote to the weather we are having right now!

  5. AWESOME! (I was jealous all weekend long as I saw what popped up on your Instagram feed. . . ) What a great weekend! XO

  6. As long as there are some adult beverages I can deal with the kids. Isn’t that an awful thing to say? I swear I wasn’t like that when my kid was little. I love that you tried the water slides. I am not that adventurous either. Sounds like a fun place!

  7. Sounds like great fun…sign me up! Water, warmth and adult beverages…what’s not to love?! So glad you and Dale had a fabulous weekend! We all need to laugh more!

  8. what a fun weekend! did you meet anyone from Bermuda? I wonder what they’d think about the indoor water park! …and is there a story behind the wolf ears?

  9. It looks like it was great fun. Many moons ago as part of the celebrations around my wedding the wedding party and all invited guests who wished to join us went to a big water park and played as a group for the day. I can’t recommend water parks enough. They can be silly, noisy, and crowded, but you will fully exercise those all important laughing and smiling muscles and add a few wonderful memories.

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