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Bluebird of Happiness Despite the Weather

The snow and cold continue to plague us here despite the fact that it’s April and supposed to be spring. It’s truly ironic and typically New England that January and February were on the mild side with relatively little snow while March and April have graced us with several days of snow. At least it can’t last long.

bluebird on tree with snow for carole knits

bluebird on snow

bluebird snowy tree for carole knits


And the snow makes it easier to spot the bluebirds.

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  1. Great shots of that fluffy guy staying warm. We got more snow in the last ten days of March than the total since January, and there was snow during those preceding weeks. I’m hoping we don’t skip Spring and go straight to Summer. Not that I’m in charge or anything.

  2. These photos (and the actual presence of the bluebird) are wonderful! Hoping that some spring warmth returns soon for you and the bluebirds!

  3. The title reminds me of a movie my kids watched when they were little – Follow That Bird. Now our granddaughters watch it.

  4. Made me smile. Have you seen the cute “little book of cheer” entitled
    The Bluebird of Happiness by Vicky Howard. Almost always have one on hand for a gift and my own copy of course.

  5. Ugh, I’m SO JEALOUS. I put out a mealworm feeder, but I think I have too many trees & they like more open spaces. Everything else–squirrels, chipmunks, robins, woodpeckers–loves the mealworm feeder though.

  6. Y’know . . . I love finding bluebirds anytime. But especially when there is snow. (Because bluebirds just look like hope to me!) XO

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