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This here collage sums up my weekend pretty well.

may 13 weekend collage

On Friday I delivered a welcome basket to my new neighbors. I included some homemade chocolate chip cookies, a candle, and a little plant. I also included a note with our phone numbers. We’ve since spent a bit more time chatting with them and I think this young couple are going to be great to have around.

Friday evening included our usual Friday night snacks and catching up.

On Saturday morning Hannah took me out to breakfast. It was part of my Mother’s Day gift and we had a wonderful time. The food was delicious and the company was terrific.

Late afternoon it was warm and Dale and I got the deck furniture set up and enjoyed some cold beer in the sun.

On Sunday we took a walk in the woods, primarily to observe the Great Blue Herons nesting. We did see a bunch of heron along with a beautiful oriole and lots of violets and other wildflowers.

We ended the weekend with a nice late lunch out and then some quality TV time.

How was your weekend?

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  1. My weekend was a whole lot colder than yours . . . so I’m sort of jealous. But not really. What a lovely weekend! XO

  2. A walk in the woods sounds perfect along with good company, good deeds, and good food!

  3. Looks lovely! Our weekend was freezing! Felt more like February than May. What a strange winter/spring this has been.

  4. Sat I saw the woman who was my matron of honor. Since the wedding in ’77, I have seen her exactly once & that must’ve been 30 years ago. I did the tour guide thing & we had a wonderful time catching up.

  5. Your neighbor gift is so darling and so thoughtful. Smith cleaned the patio and I put out the furniture and the next morning we woke to rain! Since it’s raining again today it doesn’t really matter, but (DRAT) I enjoyed our one warm day.

  6. All that sounds – and looks – lovely! Your New Neighbor basket is so thoughtful; obviously Hannah comes by her thoughtful Mother’s Day gift idea quite honestly 🙂

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