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Think Write Thursday: The Best Breakfast I Ever Had

I’ve had a lot of good breakfasts in my life. Some of the great ones I’ve cooked and some I’ve eaten with friends in their homes and some I’ve eaten in restaurants. But today’s topic isn’t about good breakfasts. Today’s topic is about the best breakfast I’ve ever had.

And the best breakfast I’ve ever had isn’t so much about what I ate as it is about where I ate it.

Right here. On the porch of the Los Lirios Hotel in Tulum, Mexico.


Just looking at this photo brings it all back. The morning light. The warm breeze blowing and lifting my hair. The rustle of the palm trees. The warm sand under my feet as I walked the path to the restaurant – no shoes required, my friends. The smiles of the restaurant staff as they greeted us with buenos dias. It’s a perfectly lovely spot and each morning we would sit at our table and relax and look out towards the ocean.


Our routine was coffee first and then food. Usually a made-to-order omelet, Dale’s loaded with everything under the sun, mine usually with vegetables and cheese. And then a few things from the buffet. The fried plantains were golden and sweet and delicious and I often took a few and put them on my plate. The fresh fruit was beautifully sliced and presented, gorgeous shades of pinks and oranges and yellows. Maybe a small dish of their homemade yogurt with a spoonful of granola. It was all fresh and delicious and plentiful.

But still. As good as the food was, the setting was better. Breakfast was slow paced, the entire day spread out before us, full of possibilities, places to visit, new things to see, new experiences to share. Some days we would get right up and go out and do something – snorkely, visit the ruins, take a drive through the biosphere or head in town to shop. Other days we would linger over coffee, chatting and reading and sighing with contentedness – ultimately reading on the beach, swimming in the waves, walking in the sand, drinking cold cerveza and just reveling in our surroundings. Every day started with that awesome breakfast. Every day unfolded beautifully. Every day was magical.

Those breakfasts – a total of 3 weeks of them now – were the best I’ve ever had.

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  1. My dull toast eaten in a boring kitchen is just not going to cut it this morning after reading about your best breakfasts in Tulum. Hope you can return again soon!

  2. I think vacation breakfasts might be the Best Breakfasts . . . because you’re eating great food blended with atmosphere, relaxation, and memories!

  3. My birthday is in early Spring and the weather can be everything from warm & sunny to 6″ of snow. Sometimes all of that in the same day. My best breakfast was when I was 8 or 9 and the weather was nice when my dad got me up early on my birthday. He hurried me to breakfast where I was greeted by my new shiny purple Stingray bike with a banana seat! Dad got me to hurry up and get dressed so I could take a quick ride before school because it was going to snow later that birthday. I have no idea what I ate that morning, but I remember riding my new bike early that morning!

  4. I’d think dirt was the best breakfast ever if I had it in that setting. Thank you for taking me to such a calm and beautiful place!

  5. I’m listening to a chill wind blow outside – seeing those photos and reading your words transports me to a completely different place…that sounds wonderful! I look forward to joining y’all for another week of stories next time!

  6. Sounds so lovely. I can relate a bit that some of the most memorable breakfast/brunches have been with family at our various get together. Good food and company. I had totally planned to play this week 😛

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