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Halloween Party 2016

The theme for our Halloween party this year was a Haunted Library and, in keeping with that, we asked our guests to come as characters from books.

I, as you may have figured out, was the undead librarian. Dale was Santiago from The Old Man and the Sea. His costume wasn’t obvious to many but I think the sunburned cheeks were a dead giveaway.

We had great food and decorations, including that awesome veggie platter made by my friend Anne. I will gladly take credit for the gravestones in the buffalo chicken dip. They weren’t edible but they were pretty cool to look at.

Our top prize winners were Little Bo Peep and her Sheep and Hester Prynne and Rev. Dimmesdale.

Our friends really outdid themselves this year, as the photos show. It may sound corny but it warmed this librarian’s heart to see them all embrace our theme so readily.

They ran the gamut from Calvin & Hobbes to Pride & Prejudice and Zombies to Lord of the Rings and even Dorothy with (not, as you might expect, the Tin Man) the tornado!

And, of course, many others not pictured but loved just the same.


Despite my face in this photo, it warmed this librarian’s heart to see our friends embrace our theme so readily. I guess the only thing I can say about this photo is that this is how I felt going to work yesterday. Weekends with parties go by extra extra fast.

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  1. What a wonderful party! Your friends are almost as creative as you and Dale are; I adore Charlotte and Wilbur. Like I said yesterday, you don’t do things halfway!

  2. Coming up with something to fit the theme is half the fun, which is saying something considering how fun your parties are!! Can’t wait until next year <3

  3. Books FTW! Perhaps librarians just attract the best readers everywhere! The food looked fabulous and it seems like there was no shortage of fun!! XO

  4. And a good time was had by all! Thing 1 & Thing 2?! Adults fully embracing the spirit of the event all of them, which is one thing that makes a good party great. Now, I feel compelled to make sure I have no overdue library books!

  5. I love love love your party recaps – the costumes were great! and I hope we’ll have a decor and recipe report too!

  6. Excellent theme! I like the Dorothy and the tornado couple–that’s so good. Of course that book wedged in your head, though…the best!

    I’m taking my annual stab at NaBloPoMo, thanks for being an inspiration all year long on your blog!

  7. Another late comment! What a fun theme for a Halloween party. I especially loved the Scarlet Letter characters. I taught that book multiple times but never learned how to spell Scarlett (blame it on autocorrect).

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