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Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic for January 5, 2016 is to write a post called “Hello, January”. You might want to talk about how you feel about this month or resolutions and intentions for the year ahead or any other things related to January.


Well then.

Hello, January.

In the past, I will admit, I have not always been happy to see you. Oh, sure, you start off with a bang and some excitement but then you become rather dreary. The festivities of December are over and the reality of the long winter ahead sets in with your arrival. I know it’s not your fault, dear January, but you just aren’t June.


This year I’m going to approach you with a different attitude. Instead of bemoaning your frigid temperatures and cold nights I am going to use them as an opportunity to be grateful for my warm and cozy home.  I am going to snuggle by the wood stove and binge watch television and knit and read to my heart’s content. I am going to drink Manhattans and red wine and I am going to eat soup and warm bread. I am going to welcome the excuse to put on comfy clothes (i.e. pajamas) as soon as I get home from work. I am going to hope for a snow day or two so that I can cook and bake and make my house smell wonderful. And while I’m doing all of this I won’t feel guilty about neglecting the garden or ignoring the call of the outdoors because you, sweet January, are giving me an excuse to stay indoors and hang out.

And if none of this works and I find myself complaining about the cold and grey then I will just remind myself that it’s only 143 days until Memorial Day. And getting closer every minute.

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  1. Ahhhh, January.
    Sweet, sweet January!

    (Scurries back to cosy thick pile of covers & pulls them up. Waaaay up.)

  2. Fresh baked bread and soup – the BEST on a cold, dreary January day. I’m hoping for some snow days as well!

  3. The ability to use the oven and snuggle is only one of the great things about January! Sitting in front of a crackling fire, the quiet beauty on a snowy day, the thrill of skiing down a mountain, or your heart beating out of your chest as you snowshoe up that mountain. I used to HATE winter, until I bought the right clothes to keep me warm and comfortable even if it goes down to -20, until I learned to play outside in the cold months.

  4. I will be sewing allot—working on pajama pants and a quilt top that has about 1,800 pieces. I love to have some kind of detailed, complex project to work on at this time of year. I sit down to sew for a couple of hours every afternoon, and it’s almost like meditation—my mind closes out all outside distractions and I just focus on the work in front of me for that bit of time. I do hope that we don’t have to shovel too much snow, though.

  5. Having been given two consecutive snow days, I’ll sing a song for January. But Miss February? I’ll be cursing her gloom and longing for green leaves. Your pajama plan will be adopted here in Boise!

  6. I should print this out as my January manifesto. It’s such a great way to reframe the weather.
    Will you do one for February too? It’s the shortest month but it really lasts the longest of all the month.

    And I’m remiss in not thanking you sooner for introducing us to The Farmer’s Daughter through your photos and words. We’ve been several times now and it’s always delicious. Happy New Year Carole!

  7. As a Coloradoan penned in by an Arctic blast, I am not feeling warm and fuzzy about January. My dachshund, Ben, agrees–he misses his walks but it is too cold even with his coat on.

  8. You paint such a lovely, warming, relaxing picture that I’m tempted to wish for snow here just so I could enjoy it through the window by the fire … I’ve always liked January – it’s February I have trouble with.

  9. Dear Carole…MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY…!!! My family thinks that I am crazy for welcoming the long, dark days before and after the Winter Solstice, but, like you, it allows me the TIME to reflect, to crochet, to just BE, the things that the hurried pace of Spring and Summer preclude…I justify it by saying that we all need a time and space to refresh our spirits, and the long winter nights allow us that respite…enjoy yours…and know that I am enjoying MINE…SO enjoy your blog…!!

  10. I am TRYING to keep your attitude in my heart, but DAMN, I hate January. Our furnace was out last night (frozen regulator) for several hours and it has been gray everyday since the day after Christmas, plus, we have had snow almost everyday! (Lots of snow.) I AM grateful for a (now) warm home and for WOOL! I want March! 🙂

  11. We’re looking at our first snow day since 2015 on Saturday. Here’s to pajamas ALL DAY! I love your positive spin on this month … and the countdown to Memorial Day 🙂 (also, Kat introduced me to sidecars and they are an excellent alternative to manhattans… you know, in case you need a little variety!)

  12. What a great hello to the month, Carole! I really like the “Hello, month” prompts – I’d be happy doing one of these for each month, hint…hint… 🙂

  13. What a great positive reframe, Carole! I will try to follow your example, but right now it is 17, and it is snowing and my dogs won’t go out without me. Deep breath in, deep breath out…….

  14. Love this. I’ve made some new January habits to get through it . One is remote control candles all over the place. They make them realistic looking now, which was news to me! The second is a new habit of knitting snuggled up in bed while listening to audiobooks late late at night. So much cozier than sitting anywhere else in my drafty house. I’m in the middle of Bruce Springsteen reading his own book, and I couldn’t enjoy it more. Not sure why it took me so many years to figure this habit out!

  15. Now that’s the spirit! Mentioning bread gives me a great idea-maybe later today while we are iced in down south! I’ve already made 2 kinds of home made soups-one thing I really love about cold weather-so yummy! Hang in there-like you said Memorial Day is “just around the corner”!

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