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Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday prompt is to write a post titled Hello, March

Hello, March, my fickle friend. They say you come in like a lion and go out like a lamb but this year, at least here in Massachusetts, you’re a little of both. Mild temperatures and a thunderstorm on the first of March is a rare thing around here.

I must admit I’m not a big fan of your 31 days without any holidays or breaks. I mean, there’s St. Patrick’s Day but, number one, I’m not Irish and, number two, it’s not a work holiday so big deal. And then there’s the whole daylight savings time, which I think is dumb. I wasn’t a big fan before but now that it’s even earlier, well, so what. I mean, what’s the point of an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day if it’s still too cold to drink a beer on the deck? On the positive side, though, you bring spring. And I love spring. I love the flowers and the return of the redwinged blackbirds. I love the smell of spring and I love to witness the greening of the earth.

So, in the interest of looking at the bright side and focusing on the good, I’m going to focus on those things. And hope that I get to take the Mustang out for a top down ride.

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  1. Stop this crazy talk! March is a fabulous month—the very bestest one! My birthday is the 12th, and my dad’s is the 13th.

    Never mind that we had gale force winds yesterday that made it seem that the shingles were going to blow off of my roof and it poured rain all day.

  2. Surely you haven’t forgotten about Pi Day on the 14th? It’s not a work holiday, but as you are the Queen of Pies, maybe you could take the day off. Combined with Brenda’s birthdays above, you could have a four-day weekend!

  3. I LOVE MARCH! You know I love March and I am unapologetic! It is a great month and much more to enjoy during the month that you admit. And yes, PI DAY. 🙂

  4. March is the first month to show enough daylight to give me hope. Hope that we probably only have two more substantial snows. Hope that the light will soon outweigh the dark. Hope that only those tiny, earliest of blooms can bring.

  5. Well, the roaring was going on last night in Eastern PA – ferocious winds to the point that I feel as though I slept for no longer than 4-5 minutes at a stretch! But, it is lighter out, there is Pi Day (which should be a legal holiday) and we have already seen red winged blackbirds at our feeder! Spring is near…..

  6. Pi Day! How could we both forget Pi Day! Especially after I just finished reading (and sobbing) And the way home gets longer and longer. I say Pi Day must be a holiday – and you need to lead this endeavor! XOXO

  7. My extremely generous company provides NO days off between January 1 and Memorial Day! Wishing you no less than 3 rides in the Mustang…with the top down!

  8. After living in Ireland, I LOVE all things Irish and St. Paddy’s Day is a favorite! Plus, as a strawberry blonde, green looks great on me!

    Happy March!

  9. March for us can go completely sideways with tornadoes, unexpected snow, etc. I do love seeing all the flowers and the blossoms on the trees.

  10. I LOVE that you have such a crazy mixed up relationship with March! and surely there will be at least one top-down day and then you’ll be a convert forever, right?!

  11. As crazy as the weather is, perhaps there’ll be several opportunities for early evening deck-sitting! I hope so!

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