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Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic for March 23, 2017 is to look out a window you don’t normally look out of and tell us what you see.

While I can’t say this is a window I don’t normally look out of, I can say that it’s a window I only recently started looking out of as it’s in my newish office at the Council on Aging. Back in January I moved my office to an upstairs bedroom in the (very) old house that serves as the COA. This window looks over the backyard, if you will, of the COA. The lawn right now is brown and bare but it will be green at some point. The long neglected and abandoned town tennis courts are also visible. And way off in the distance you can see Sampson’s Pond.

Since moving up here I have really enjoyed looking out this window, the only one in the room. While I’m not able to see out of it from my desk, it does provide the room with some great natural light and when I get up and move around I always take a peek outside to see what’s going on.

I’ll admit, it doesn’t look like much right now but I know, not long from now the trees will be full of green buds and the forsythia along the edge of the tennis court will be in bloom. Later the parking lot will be full of cars and the beach will be full of swimmers and sunbathers. I’m looking forward to seeing the seasons change from this spot.

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  1. Your window is a lovely vantage point and I like how you’ve started spring yourself with flowers on the windowsill!

  2. Great view! And I love that your office is in an old house – that’s the best. New England towns and villages are great at doing that I think. The library in my Dad’s hometown in Vermont is in an old house…a room for history, a room for decorating, a separate room for local history, etc. So many nooks and crannies – perfect!

  3. A cozy nice get away space to work…and keep an eye on the outside world…like the happy flowers in the window…are they painted on or ?

  4. What a lovely work space – I hope you will share photos as the seasons change from that view! Also, I love that you are involved with the COA in your area – it is much needed and important work! XOXO

  5. what a charming room – I love the wallpaper and the flowers along the window sill! I know you’re looking forward to seeing spring outside all the windows!

  6. Looking out of windows is one of my favorite activities. I peek into offices when in our building when they’re empty just to see what the person who is housed there sees. Your view sounds so interesting and it will be fun to watch through the seasons.

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