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My weekend started with a haircut, which set things off on just the right foot. I’m still growing out the color – I haven’t done any highlights at all since last August. My stylist said I can tone down the blonde if I want but I’m thinking the ombre look right now is working. I’ll evaluate again in 8 weeks or so when I go in for my next cut.

And then, because Dale had a half day, and because we could, we headed to the Cape to spend the weekend with Doreen and Mark. We started with Friday night snacks, of course. We also went to see Top Gun on the big screen at The Chatham Opheum Theater, complete with a new beer from Devil’s Purse. It was a fun night out but we all agreed that Top Gun seems pretty cheesy now.

On Saturday morning we had a delicious late breakfast at The Optimist Cafe. We drove around a bit, gazed at the ocean and some amazing houses, did some shopping, and eventually wound up back at Doreen’s.

We enjoyed late afternoon cocktails by the fire and it was just so pleasant. There was good conversation and some funny stories and it was a great way to catch up.

Dinner, after much discussion, wound up being an assortment of sandwiches while we played Mexican Train. Sure, we could have gone out or made something fancy but those sandwiches were just perfect.

Dale and I got up early Sunday morning to head home in time for our Kiwanis Club Pancake Breakfast. I took my turn serving bacon and toast, brought the leftover OJ and milk to the COA thanks to our club’s generous donation, and then we spent a bit of time working  in the new guest room, setting up the bed and making plans for furniture.

We ran a few errands, had a nice little visit over a glass of wine at Sean and Michael’s, and ending the weekend with sushi at home.

It was a mix of whirlwind activities and truly great moments with friends – everything I love in a weekend. Hope yours was great, too!

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  1. Love the ombre look, Carole! Oh, man. Top Gun. It was always really cheesy . . . but fun. (Talk to me, Goose!) Looks like another great weekend in the books. XO

  2. Sounds like a well balanced weekend. I first saw Top Gun in a theatre fitted with special sound so it felt like you were on that aircraft carrier. Oh, and it was a couple of miles from the Air Force Academy so the audience was full of Zoomies. You couldn’t help but cheer in some spots.

  3. That photo of the fireplace looks so cozy on this rainy, dreary Monday; your whole weekend looks wonderful as always. Great haircut and I would love to have a meal at The Optimist Cafe!

  4. Carole, you have GOT to stop making me hungry with all your photos of delicious foods!

  5. I don’t know Carole…that elevator scene…:-) Sounds like a great weekend and I think your hair is coming along nicely!

  6. Your hair looks great! Top Gun — another ’80s movie I’ve never seen. They’re showing a handful of Tom Cruise movies at one of our local theaters in a couple of weeks, so maybe…

    Oh, the FOOD! Other than the friends and beverages, it’s the best part of the weekend!! 😉

  7. You guys always seem to fit so much in on the weekend! Your hair came out so nice. Going to get mine done shortly. Ah the upkeep……

  8. Isn’t it funny how we look back on movies and wonder-why did I think it was so great?! I love me a good sandwich-bread is such a great vehicle for so many things.

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