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Oh, friends. What a weekend! Spring (or possibly summer) has arrived and it feels fabulous.

We started with our usual Friday night snacks. We ate crackers and cheese and drank cocktails and played Mexican Train. It was a wonderful night at home.

On Saturday Dale burned brush in the backyard while I puttered around the house. We voted in the local election in the afternoon and took a little drive around town. We saw turkeys and deer and truly enjoyed that little interlude.

We came home and Sean brought dinner – what a treat! And we spent the rest of the evening watching re-runs and hanging out.

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful and warm. We had breakfast on the deck for the first time in a very long time. After breakfast we set up the outdoor furniture and readied ourselves for the season.


We took a short drive in the Mustang with the roof down and then came home to enjoy the late afternoon sun. My father-in-law, Jack, was here and Jo-Ann popped by, and we had music and cocktails and it felt like summer had arrived. In short, it was restorative and wonderful.

The remainder of the evening was spent with tv (Call the Midwife) and dinner and reflecting on the fabulous weekend that was. My season is here and I’m so happy.

How was your weekend?


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  1. Lets just say that part of the weekend was lovely, but I am in no way fooled into believing Summer has arrived. And I still have a wary eye on Spring, but we enjoy the days we can.

  2. Oh, it was an absolutely splendid weekend, weather-wise! But. I know better than to think it’s really here-to-stay. 😉 That spring yo-yo thing will be happening for a while yet. . . That’s okay, though — as long as there are plenty of warm days in the mix! XO

  3. Our weekend was shopping and prep for Passover — the house smells of chicken soup, as it should! Being a bi- family, we do ALL the holidays, so very soon the chicken soup smell will be replaced by that of the Easter lily.

  4. Just like yours! What a day it was yesterday. We spent most of it outside taking it all in. Here’s to the next two days at least!

  5. I thought it might be a Mustang-top-down kind of weekend for you! It might reach 80 here today and tomorrow, so hopefully you’ve also got convertible weather.

  6. Those stemless martini glasses… I love them! And, I am envious – I want to have cocktails with you and Jo-Ann! But, it looks like you had a fantastic weekend! XO

  7. Can’t wait to have our deck set up. Hopefully next weekend when we have the kids home to help!

  8. I’m baaack! My weekend was at a beautiful mountain lodge with a flock of knitters! The weather was good but a little chillier than yours. Driving home, we went through a brief snow shower! Your post made me wonder if you ever get rogue (sp?) spring storms? You clearly know,how to do a weekend right!

  9. Your weekend sounds fabulous (and mine was much the same), but Sunday we woke to SNOW. Don’t get too smug about the weather because it’s bound to change! brrr

  10. Ahhhh, top down!! What a great feeling.
    After a fairly nice weekend, we are back to more wintry weather.
    I startled five turkeys in the ravine this morning when I opened the back door!

  11. …and now I completely understand how you fell asleep as soon as Homeland came on 🙂 what a wonderful weekend – I love seeing spring show up in the rest of the country!

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