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What was it I said on Friday? Look for beautiful things over the weekend? I followed my own advice but I must admit I didn’t take many photos. There are 3 I want to share with you, though.

Naturally, there is a Friday Night Snacks photo. Our Friday night was different than usual, though. We first attempted to attend a local baseball game as the end of the year party for Dale’s company. I say attempted because, while we did go to the party and celebrate for a bit with Dale’s coworkers, it was raining really hard and the ball game was canceled. So, despite our original plans, we ended up back home with Friday night snacks. Just a simple little tray of cheese and crackers, hardboiled eggs, and blackberries. I almost always have hardboiled eggs in the fridge these days since the Instant Pot makes it so easy to cook them.

We had no plans for Saturday so Dale did some yard work and I puttered around, knitting and reading, doing a little weeding and deadheading, and just generally enjoying a relaxing. On Saturday night we celebrated our anniversary with dinner at the restaurant where we had our reception 20 years ago. The Olde Hitching Post has undergone some changes over the years but the service, friendliness and quality is terrific and it’s fun to go there and reminisce.

Sunday was Father’s Day, of course, so we started with breakfast on the deck and a quick photo shoot for some head shots for Dale and his brother Randy. (I’ll explain why that was necessary another time.) I made chicken wings (this recipe is a real hit with my crew) and the kids came over to hang out. I also made some really great quahog chowder since a friend of Dale’s had given him a great big bag of fresh quahogs and it was  a nice afternoon and evening of hanging out, talking and planning for the new baby, and just enjoying each other’s company. We ended the evening with a fire in the firepit, which Dale just loves.

It was a great weekend and there was plenty of beauty in all of those little moments. How was your weekend?

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  1. We had a quiet weekend which was just what we needed. I also finally got inspiration for a retirement luncheon I am doing for someone at church. It’s going to be fun.

  2. Looks like a great weekend, Carole! But you need to tell this midwesterner . . . what, exactly, is a quahog??? 😉

  3. Our weekend was similar to yours with the inclusion of a birthday to the Father’s Day goings-on. It was quiet and just immediate family. We sat around on Saturday AM watching TV, the beautiful tall ships emerging from the fog. They’re supposed to be up our way tomorrow, and we need to choose a good viewing spot!

  4. It all sounds so wonderfully relaxing! And it looks like I’ll have to try those chicken wings also. Ingredients are now on the list!

  5. My mouth is watering for that quahog chowder! It sounds like you had a relaxing and delicious weekend!

  6. So many beautiful moments (especially once y’all got home from that rained out ball game 🙂 … and ooohhh, headshots sounds intriguing!

  7. A little knitting, some yummy food then getting stuff together for a work trip. So much, but then it seems like so little at the same time.

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