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It occurred to me last night, as I was prepping pictures to share with you all, that maybe one of the reasons it feels like weekends go by so quickly is because I summarize them for you every Monday. Maybe? Nevertheless, even if that is the reason (and I don’t seriously think it is) It’s fun to write these posts and it’s a great way of remembering the whoooooosh of the weekend. Ready to hear about this last one?

Friday was a beautiful day and, while I had originally thought we might head to the beach, our morning was slow and lazy and I found the day slipping away from us. So instead of the beach we headed towards water in the Mustang. We had a late lunch at The Oysterman, a place that had been recommended to me by a colleague and it was great. The oysters were fresh and delicious and the beer was cold and crisp.

After a bit more driving around and a peek at the ocean we headed for home. Friday Night Snacks were light since we were still full from lunch (there was more than those oysters!) and I sliced up one of our homegrown cucumbers and drizzle it with a little ranch dressing. We played Mexican Train on the deck and it was muggy and warm and a perfect summer night.

I invited Jessica and her family over for Saturday afternoon and evening and that meant food shopping and prep. Jess loves spinach artichoke dip, chicken wings and clam chowder and, since she’s the pregnant one, I made all of those just for her. We had a great time hanging out together and catching up. We got to hear about Patrick’s job and his experience getting his driver’s license last week and we got to marvel at Jessica’s expanding belly!

And, in honor of shark week, some wine.

On Sunday we were up and out early to head to Just Right Farm for an event held by the South of Boston Gardener’s group. I brought the big camera and will have many more photos of this day to share with you but I’ll just say for right now – it was a gorgeous day in a beautiful spot.

This is the screen house where they have farm to table dinners and I’m thrilled to say that Dale and I made a reservation to go experience this later in September for my birthday. I’ve heard marvelous things about their dinners so I’m pretty excited that we are going.

We came home mid afternoon and Dale snoozed on the couch while I read. Then we headed back outside where I picked our first substantial cherry tomato harvest and we worked on a crafty project together – more on that later this week, too.

We ended the afternoon with a couple of cocktails and some music outside. The temperature really dropped and it was crisp out there so we headed inside to watch Game of Thrones.

It was a really perfect weekend from start to finish!

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  1. A weekend that starts with oysters and beer, ends with your own tomatoes, and includes Just Right Farm sounds wonderful! Looking forward to hearing more about your “together” craft project!

  2. Ooh, that is going to be one special birthday dinner!! Can’t wait to hear more about your visit there, and about your craft project.

  3. So many fun things, so little time! Looks like a fabulous weekend Carole. And the projects…can’t wait!

  4. We also had a harvest of tomatoes (full size), zucchini, beets, peppers and potatoes! The harvest is just starting. What great time of year. I knew you’d have a grand weekend!

  5. I am not drooping.– I AM drooling. I cannot believe that I typed in drooping — auto correct?

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