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One would think, what with all of the hospital time over the last week plus, that I would have gotten a lot of knitting done. And one would be right. However, one must also realize that said knitting is for a certain upcoming grandbaby and therefore cannot be shared.

One would also think that, what with all of the hospital time over the last week plus, that I would have gotten a lot of reading done. And one would be right again. While I couldn’t read at all at the beginning of last week (I literally read for 30 minutes and then had no idea what I had been reading) as things settled down I was able to concentrate and I finished two books: Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore and Anything Is Possible.

One would think . . . okay, enough of that, it’s dumb . . .You might expect an updated Bingo card at this point but neither of those books can help me out with that. My one last square is “Originally Published in the 19th Century” and for that I am (still slogging) my way through Anna Karenina. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying it immensely but dude. This book is loooooooong. I originally thought I could just listen to it driving back and forth to work but that isn’t going to cut it so now I am alternately reading it on my Kindle and listening in my car. I will not let this one 900 some-odd page book derail my plans for a coverall.

So there.

What are you reading and knitting right now?

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  1. Obsessively reading the New Yorker, WaPo, and the NYTimes online which leaves no time for other reading. My neighbor has embarked, as a new knitter, on a baby blanket for her first grandchild…. Let’s just say that fixing mistakes has consumed my knitting time!

  2. I seriously love this post, Carole! I laughed, and felt such incredible joy, and relief!! I am chasing that elusive cover all as well (and casting on all the things… lol)


  3. Hospital bedsides are good for knitting; I think it allows you to just be. I always find reading difficult in the hospital as there are too many interruptions and worries for me to concentrate. I’ve had to put my last few Book Bingo books aside temporarily and retreat from the news and chaos with some E. B. White.

  4. Our books and knitting make excellent quiet companions in those dark hours. Those Russians really can fill a long dark winter of nights, can’t they?!

    Just finished a book about the events behind the founding and early days of an NGO we support.

  5. Great post, as usual! I’m currently looking for a vacation knitting project to take along on our grand adventure out west. Get your Loopy Ewe order ready! I have Jen Lancaster’s newest in the queue for light vacation reading and have been going through everything by Elin Hilderbrand this summer, thank you Overdrive! Have your read “This Is Not Over: A Novel” by Holly Brown? Couldn’t put it down, super suspenseful.
    Glad to hear Jack is doing better.

  6. I love this post too! One would think after 4 days of vacation I would have something to show for it…nope! One button band and 100 pages read!

  7. just finished the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (loved it) and am knitting a lopi sweater. in 90 deg heat.

  8. You and your commenters are inspiring. I am in a slump and find it hard to stay focused on both knitting and reading–your great progress is the little kick that hopefully will get me going again.

  9. I’m reading a couple of books – Belichick and Brady, Love and Gelato, and listening to The Body in the Wardrobe (meh). Trying to get through 9 books in 19 days to get a coverall.

    Hope your FIL is feeling better soon.

  10. Hi Carole, I just read your recent posts, and I love this life-in-parenthesis idea. It is so descriptive. My parents have experienced a lot of illnesses throughout my life, so this really registered with me. Right now my dad is in rehab after suffering a fracture in a vertebrae. I get a lot of knitting done in the hospital, but rarely much reading.

  11. I agree. Knitting is easy while in a hospital, if it is an easy knit, but reading requires too much focus. You sound so upbeat, so I am glad things are going well! I haven’t been doing too much knitting, but I have been reading Before We Were Yours, a novel based on a orphanage scandal here in my city. I am enjoying it. Good luck with your coverall, but Carole, really, Anna Karenina? What were you thinking? Ambitious much? LOL

  12. So glad there’s light on the horizon! I chose Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore for my book group to read sometime this school year. And I love love love Elizabeth Strout!

  13. I’m still working on my first bingo and I custom made my card. Before I left for vacation last week, I had high hopes for finishing my first bingo. Alas, vacation didn’t bring a lot of reading or knitting time. I still hope to at least finish two bingos and then to finish my whole card by the end of the year. Camp Loopy knitting and the announcement that I’m going to be a great Aunt has gotten me into planning and knitting baby things for the new baby and gifts for a few other new babies to be, too.

    Glad Jack is doing better.

  14. By the time I got to the end of Anna Karenina, I just kept yelling . . . JUMP, Anna! Just JUMP. Put us all out of our misery. Please. (It’s a great novel — just so. dang. long.)

  15. @Kym I felt the same way about Anna Karenina!!
    Plus I was picturing a young Susan Lucci in all her dramatic glory as Anna. LOL

  16. I managed to knit a complete baby sweater while we were gone and get the 4 sleeves and the body of another baby sweater finished. I took TONS of knitting with me and got very little accomplished. I have a few more WIPs I’d like to have done by the end of September. Seems like a good time to start “new” stuff.

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