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I’m joining with Kat and friends this week to talk about what I’m knitting and what I’m reading.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am knitting the hat that goes with the Hungry Caterpillar set. On Sunday when I finished the cocoon and showed it to Dale he referred to it as the baby’s first sleeping bag! Sounds about right and coming into this family of campers, I predict it won’t be his last sleeping bag either.

I haven’t touched the socks or the shawl or the Christmas stocking I am finishing for a friend who’s mom passed away while it was in progress. But I will be getting to all of those projects soon. Just as soon as I can back away from the baby knits, anyway.

I am reading Glass Houses by Louise Penny, the newest in the Gamache series. While I love the story and I’m eager to read it, I find myself not actually reading it much because I don’t want to be finished and then have to wait another year for a new book set in Three Pines. Those of you who love Louise Penny know just what I mean, I bet.

And that’s all for me. Want to see what everyone else is knitting and reading? Head on over to Kat’s!

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  1. That dilemma when you want to read quickly to see what happens, but you know one of your favorite authors won’t be publishing the next book for far too long! Luckily, I bet there are lots and lots of other great books on your list!

  2. The cocoon and hat set is so bright and adorable; wish I had a baby around to knit for!

  3. I was explaining to someone at knitting last night just how incredibly good Inspector Gamache is. She, sadly, did not understand. However, I feel your pain. Read and savor slowly, I will gladly share Armand with you!

    And, baby knits are just so much fun, and practically instant gratification knitting!! XOXO

  4. I’m using some of my ancient stash of Socks that Rock to knit cabled socks for the September Sock Knitters’ Anonymous challenge. I’ve also been crocheting dish scrubbies—gotta keep that gift closet stocked.

  5. I just began Inspector Gamache in June – on # 3 and so I know I have a good year waiting for me! Fun knitting for the baby.

  6. Before I comment, let me say, I am enjoying your blog and find comfort in reading it! Thank you for sharing your life with us all. I started a blog about my life as an Alzheimer’s daughter but I am a yarnaholic, reader, and teacher too!I am almost done reading “A Man Called Ove” and I am enjoying it immensly. It is my read in the tub book at night and is a real hard copy of a book. I am also reading a book on my kindle at the gym in the mornings before school. It is a free series called “Heartbreak Cafe” I found on facebook. I am currently crocheting blankets for my grandchildren for Christmas (I hope).

  7. I can’t wait to see this project finished! I’m listening to the Underground Railroad for book club, and I get the Louise Penny thing. I have only read about 4 of the books so I have a long way to go before I get to this one. Happy knitting.

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