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Shale Baby Blanket

The project that kept me occupied for most of the summer, the project that I had to keep hidden from you so that Jessica wouldn’t see it, the project that I absolutely adore, has finally been gifted!

It’s the Shale Baby Blanket by Jared Flood. It was recommended to me by Sean and I’m so glad he suggested it.  It’s a simple 4 row repeat and there’s really only one row where you need to pay attention.

I started it on Dale’s birthday, June 26th, while we were in Maine celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. I worked on it off and on all summer, figuring I had plenty of time to get it finished. I knit it a lot while sitting by Jack’s bedside while he was in ICU in early August. And I finally cast off just 2 days before the baby shower.

The yarn is Knit Picks Swish DK in the color Dove Heather. It’s a soft and soothing grey which will go perfectly with the whale theme that Jessica has chosen for the baby’s bedding.

I get so excited every time I look at this blanket because I realize that in just 3 weeks there will be a baby to wrap up in it!

P.S. Today’s photos? Totally worth clicking on and viewing in full size.

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  1. That is one mighty fine clickable blanket. And a whale of a lot of knitting. What a cozy welcome for a baby born this time of year.

  2. Just beautiful! When I’ve knit baby blankets they are almost always in feather and fan, but I really like this pattern. Soft, cozy, and warm, it will be really wonderful for your grandson!

  3. So much love in this blanket. Beautiful work Carole! I love this pattern. You’re going to be an amazing Grandmother, lucky kid!

  4. LOVE!! Oh, my! You are making me want to knit a freaking blanket!! And, I hope there will be many more photos of that blanket wrapped around that new baby! I think it is especially meaningful that those stitches are filled with so much love. XO

  5. I clicked on the photos and what gorgeous stitch definition. It’s really lovely and you did a great job. Enjoy that new baby.

  6. Sooo beautiful! I’ve had this pattern for years but alas, no baby to make it for. Could be I see a lap blanket project in my future. Great job?

  7. This is such a gorgeous blanket. It’s hard to believe there are only four rows? I predict this blanket will become a precious heirloom.

  8. Oh WOW! Oh my!!! Carole, this blanket is stunning. I love the soft grey dove color too – perfect. Congratulations on such a beautiful job. Can’t wait to see the little one wrapped in it.

  9. Such a beautiful baby blanket! How exciting . . . to think that all of your knitting-love will be wrapped around that sweet babe soon! Perfection. XO

  10. A lovely heirloom for a cherished baby, what a wonderful gift! This makes me want to knit a blanket, and I always think this is the time of year to start. Carole, this is absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Beautiful!! I just finished a Bounce Baby Blanket for my niece. I would have considered this one if I had found it on my search. Will save for future gift ideas.

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