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Oh man, that was a fast weekend! It was good (although the weather was less than cooperative for us on Saturday despite your best intentions) but it really zoomed by. Here’s a recap that’s almost just as fast!

Thursday night:

We had no Kiwanis this week since our installation of officers was held last Sunday. It was a beautiful night and we spent it on the deck with snacks, drinks, and Jo-Ann.


My day started early with pie crust before 7am. I like to get it made and chilled before rolling and I knew the earlier it was ready the smoother my day would go. I also rushed around to do errands, decorated the house for fall, made a killer beef stew, and helped Dale set up tents on our town common for a Civil War living history event.

By the time evening came I was wiped out! I did enjoy my first Manhattan of the fall season. It was warm and wonderful! Dale had debated sleeping up on the common but wound up coming home and we had a quiet night together.


It was raining when we got up but the showers ended and the skies brightened by mid morning. We gathered with fellow reenactors and friends on the common. There was knitting and chatting and so much laughing! The rain arrived by noon and it came down heavy at times but we powered through in spite of it.

Pie always helps. There was apple.

And peach.

And I took a Civil War selfie for you.

Our original plan was to have dinner with our friends up on the common but the wet and the cold drove us home. We had that terrific beef stew and biscuits and it was warm and cozy inside. And the clean up was a lot easier, too.


Dale got up and went to visit Jack and take down canvas on the common. I stayed home and puttered around and got ready for the Pats game. We shall not speak of the outcome but we did enjoy our time with Tom and some buffalo chicken dip.

After the game ended I consoled myself with some wine and knitting on the deck. Baby Balloon Pants are on the needles!

How was your weekend?

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  1. I can’t help but think that reenacting is more fun without rain, regardless of how authentic the weather conditions might be. Does make one grateful for a cozy place to come home to.

  2. Oh my goodness, those BALLOON PANTS!! I wish your weather would have been nicer on Saturday, but seems as though you all made the best of it. (What else can you do?!?)

  3. Like Tom always tells me . . . there is no bad weather — just inappropriate clothing. 😉 It was so nice that you were close enough that you could come home for the evening! I think “tenting” in the cold and rain would be miserable! And Balloon Pants! So cute! XO

  4. Sorry the weather wasn’t the best on Saturday, but despite that it still sounds like you had a great weekend. Oh yum beef stew…now that Fall feels like it is here, I need to make that. Every time I see those Baby Balloon pants I crack up. I love them. The ones you are knitting are going to be adorable!

  5. Ok, you made me download Balloon Baby Pants and I don’t even have grandchildren… (YET!) 😀

    Looks like a lovely fall weekend. We had rain here in FL, too. However, it cooled us down enough that we think Fall may be on its way. Spent the afternoon yesterday getting screens out, cleaning and repairing them, and getting them back in the windows!

    Happy Fall!

  6. So sorry your weekend was rained out, but, as usual, you made best of everything! Your delicious food would have made the weekend all the more delightful. We are having cold and frosty mornings even though autumn is just now making inroads. xox

  7. You sure made the best of a rainy Saturday-loved the Civil War selfie! Those balloon pants are just too much fun-especially with the yarn you’re using. Yes, lets NOT talk about your Pats, or my Giants,-there isn’t enough wine to console our pain, but the pies would have made us feel a whole lot better!

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