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A Month of Photos: September 2017

September around here was a wonderful month, full of the things we love to do with the people we love to do those things with.

Plenty of good food and drink, lots of people photos, a couple of pies, and even some knitting!

And now, as a bonus, I also have September in 30 seconds. Yep, I got my act today in September and remembered to take a video every day. Some are good and some aren’t so good but it’s a learning curve, just like when I first started Project 365 all those years ago.

So, September in 30 photos and 30 seconds!

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  1. September looks great with Jack improving, still some summer, the shower, and baby knitting. I bet October will be even better with someone new in the photos!

  2. As always, I love seeing your month-in-photos. Even on the bad days, there is always something to celebrate. Your photo collages (and one-second-a-day videos) are great visual reminders of the GOOD things in life. XO

  3. great photos, Carole – and woot for the 30-second look! Glad to see Jack’s looking better. and you, of course, are rocking those selfies!

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