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Sometimes Tuesdays

Are full of joy! And Jack!

Jack with his Mom.

And with his Dad.

And his big brother, Patrick.

Jack with his Nana.

And Jack with his Grampa.

Jack with his Auntie Hannah.

And his Mom again. She holds him the most and that’s pretty much how it should be.

And Jack with his Nana in our very first selfie.

Jack is doing great and has just needed a little extra time for his little lungs to adjust to life on the outside. We are hoping he gets to come home really soon!

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  1. Looks like the winning hand is a pair of Jacks for the Julius clan. Sending healthy thoughts for them both.

  2. He is so loved–he’s a fortunate tiny boy. With such wonderful,caretakers he will be just fine very soon!

  3. Smiles all around! Congratulations to the whole family – little Jack has certainly been blessed to have so many arms to hold him!

  4. Congratulations! there is nothing in this world like being a grandma and holding your child’s child. Enjoy every second because it goes by so quickly.

  5. Oh, he is sweet! And it’s a good thing that he get used to all this attention. Something tells me it will continue for a long time. Hope he gets to come home soon.

  6. Jack is so beautiful! He’ll grow up surrounded by love . . . and it just doesn’t get any better than that. XOXO

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