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Watercolor Wednesday

Sunsets make some of the best watercolor photos, I think. And this is a sunset from the hallway right outside the nursery at the hospital, I think on Saturday night. The days all sort of blend together when you’re in a hospital but what I do remember specifically is looking at the sunset each night and thinking about all the sunsets Jack will get to see in his life.

Okay. Gotta go. I’m getting all verklempt again.

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  1. Lovely view. And, yeah. I bet having a little grandbaby in your life really brings out the verklempt. . .

  2. I so hope that all of you can soon leave hospitals behind, and little Jack can begin to learn about the beauty of the world outside. (Big Jack, too, but definitely without ticks.)

  3. Lovely, Carole. Lots of emotional things happening lately. Be verklempt if you need to. It’s probably therapeutic.

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