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Hungry Caterpillar Set: Now With Baby!

Last week little Jackie came over and we had our first photo shoot together.

He was the perfect little model, lying (mostly) still and wearing his caterpillar set proudly.

The hat, which I was worried would be too big, fit perfectly. Of course that means that it probably won’t fit at all by next week at the rate he is growing. Seriously. 9 lbs now, my friends.

This was a super fun pattern to knit, very easy but with a big payoff. I mean, doesn’t he look just like the very hungry caterpillar?

Squeeee. So adorable. He makes me want to knit all.the.things.

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  1. Clearly, autocorrect is not hip. The word is “adorbs”, not adorns. Jack is cute no matter how annoying autocorrect is.

  2. How adorable! I have a new great niece who is two weeks old today, they don’t live nearby so I’ve only seen pictures. I did get a short visit with my 18 mo great niece on Saturday, they live a bit closer. Aren’t babies wonderful? Somehow they remind us of all that is right and good in the world!

  3. I love this so much. When I was teaching preschool that was one of my favorite books. He looks so cute!

  4. how adorable – and how BIG he’s getting … that little outfit looked huge when we first met him… but that’s one thing babies do well. they get bigger 😉

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