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Selfie Saturday 11/30

It’s Selfie Saturday and it’s also Veteran’s Day. Soooooo, how about a selfie with my favorite veteran?

You’ve seen this before since it’s from back in September but still, it bears repeating.

In the interest of being up to date, though, this is how he looked last Friday night at our family gala. Stronger and healthier every day for which we are so so grateful. And, word is, my favorite veteran will be home and living next door again super soon. That means an updated selfie for sure!

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  1. It’s nice to see you two together, and even nicer to see him looking much more hale and hearty in the second photo. It’s been a long road, and I hope he’s even healthier and back home soon.

  2. Carole – what a wonderful post for Veteran’s Day! I’m so glad to SEE that Jack is getting back to his usual (healthy) self!!

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