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Selfie Saturday 18/30

For today’s Selfie Saturday I’m doing a bit of shameless promoting of my side hustle, LipSense. Ya’all know I wear it and I sell it because I believe it’s a fantastic product. Here are 3 looks from last weekend in Gettysburg.

This one is Violette, a beautiful pink that is great for every day wear.

This one is Fly Girl, a gorgeous red, perfect for the upcoming holidays. And a great match for that hat, too.

And this one is Hazelnut, a light brown neutral, it’s perfect for fall.

If you’re interested in these colors (they are $25 each) or any of the other 50 amaaaaaaazing shades, just let me know, I’d be glad to get you started with a LipSense collection of your own.


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  1. Now, do I understand that a single color combined with various glosses will give many more shades within this color?

  2. So tempting-and you model them so well. Perhaps now that I have Andrew sorta settled I can explore this more.

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