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February in 44 Seconds

Just as I took a photo every single day (and who am I kidding, I take multiple photos every day, often of things that don’t even move), I also take a 1.5 second video every day. Yes, 1.5 seconds because that extra half second makes things just a tiny bit easier to see and comprehend. My videos aren’t nearly as polished as my photos but I’ve been doing Project 365 for something like 7 years, and I’ve only been shooting daily videos for 6 months or so.

Anyway, here is February 2018 in 44 seconds.

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  1. FUN, Carole! I’m finding that video tells a different side of the story – the photos and the video complement each other nicely. (and it’s so fun to see Jackie smile … opposed to Jackie’s smile 🙂

  2. March is my first month of videos a day, but I haven’t quite got the hang of it. Yours has many wonderful moments of family, friends and magic.

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