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I think this past weekend was our first one without rain in something like nine weeks! We made the most of it by being outside as much as possible.

Friday Night Snacks on the deck, of course. It was warm enough to stay out there all evening and that’s my favorite kind of Friday night. Music, conversation, cheese & crackers, it just doesn’t get any better.

I had the entire day to myself on Saturday since Dale was doing a Civil War thing. I spent the early morning on the deck, knitting and listening to The Genius of Birds. I went out at lunch time and did some plant shopping for our front border. And then I came home and read for the rest of the afternoon. It was heavenly!

I texted Dale and suggested that perhaps he could bring home lobsters since he was very close to the place we like to get them. It agreed readily and our first lobsters of the season were consumed that night. I like to think of it as priming the pump for our week in Maine!

On Sunday we had breakfast on the deck – local strawberries were probably the best part – and then we worked (hard!) to get everything we had planted in the front border. There are still rocks to deal with (always, it seems) and I haven’t found the sedum ellacombianum that I want to use for the border but it’s mostly done at this point and I’m so glad. I’ll share more details and photos in a separate post.

In the afternoon we went to a graduation party and then had a nice visit with Sean.

Hooray for June weekends, full of fun and satisfying things!

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  1. I saw a little peek at your garden on IG. Looks like the main “ingredient” missing is a little time for things to settle in to their new home.

  2. It was a nice weekend here too! And, we had great weather for most of it also with the rain only coming in the overnight hours! XO

  3. Oh boy, those lobsters look good! Our weekend weather was not so nice, 90s and humid on Saturday followed by torrential thunderstorms all day Sunday and continuing all through the night and this morning. I’m hoping to see the sun at some point today!

  4. We had rain ALL weekend long. Inches and inches of rain! Good for my garden, but I sure felt sorry for my neighbors who had an outdoor grad party planned. Your weekend looks wonderful — you always make the best of it, no matter the weather! XO

  5. Oh, you’ve left me jonesing for some lobster. It our neck of the woods, it’s a rare treat!

  6. Your deck looks so inviting – and I wish I lived close enough to invite myself over for Friday Night Snacks 😉 … or Sunday breakfast! June weekends ARE the best!

  7. The pictures showed the perfect weekend. Note the pictures do not show any of the work, just the lovely deck with food that I would love to eat. I appreciate your editing, Carole! LOL I know the landscaping will give you an immense sense of accomplishment, and I can’t wait to see it.

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