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Sometimes Mondays . . .

Call for a day of rest.

(Friday’s photo, recycled with the Waterlogue app)

We had a very full and very fun weekend which I’d love to tell you about . . . tomorrow. Because today I’m feeling, as my mom used to say, punky. Stuffy head, sore throat and just generally blah. Summer cold? Allergies? I’m not even sure how to tell the difference I just know that today I’ll be hanging on the couch.

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  1. Rest, relax, and drink plenty of fluids! (And one of my college roommates referred to it as “feeling puny” – which always cracked me up.) XO

  2. I’m glad you’re giving yourself a day of rest – hope it works magic and you’re back on your feet soon! feel better!!

  3. Hanging on the couch is sometimes called for, and you are the only person who can make that call. I hope it’s allergies, and that they clear up soon. Get a good night’s rest. Feel better!

  4. Here’s hoping that Tuesday is better! Is it possible you’ve had too much fun over the weekend? Never! 🙂

  5. My chickens had stuffy noses this weekend. ? They got electrolytes and vitamins. Have you tried EmergenC mixed in orange juice?

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