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Our weekend was spent largely at home and that was just fine with me.

We started it off in the usual way. It may feel repetitive but it’s a great way to wind down and relax. And I can’t even tell you how many people around our town comment on how much they enjoy seeing our Friday Night Snacks photo each week! I’m thinking . . . it’s really just cheese and crackers . . . but it truly strikes a chord with people!

On Saturday we ran some errands, picking up a few plants for around the pergola, going to the dump, visiting the local butcher for steak tips to have for dinner, you know that Saturday morning stuff.

We picked our first cucumber and a few grape tomatoes, too.

Jackie was with us for much of the weekend since his family moved over the weekend. They’re still in our town, just a little further up the road, in a house that they are renting from my friend Jo-Ann. I felt like I didn’t really help at all since all I did was take care of Jack but Jess pointed out that it was a huge help since she could get things done without taking care of the little guy. He’s an easy baby so it’s really just fun for us and I’m amazed at how well he adapts to our routines, hanging on the deck with us, watching me plant flowers, going to the grocery store . . . whatever we’re doing he just does it with us.

On Sunday we went to a bridal shower, checked in on the move progress (which mostly made me think how I never want to have to move again, what a lot of work and stress), and then came home to end the weekend in much the way it began.

And there was corn for dinner. Doesn’t get better than that!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Great weekend (as usual)! The only thing that concerns me is that there is only one drink in the snack photos. I’m hoping Dale had his Yuengling in hand!

  2. It’s only cheese and crackers, but obviously served with care and looks attractive. Bonus, it’s a charming ritual that says “weekend” to you. I think more than what you are serving, the ritual of an appealing transition to the weekend is what people are attracted to. So, “Cheers!”

  3. That corn for dinner… mmmm! The perfect ending to the weekend!

    And, I think this is why those Friday Night Snacks strike a cord… because it is not how fancy the meal is, it is more about the company and making simple beautiful. One of those “you are worth it” moments that really are so important!

  4. There is nothing in the world better than sitting on the deck with a cocktail and snacks. Glad you had a nice weekend Carole. Hi Jackie!

  5. I imagine your taking Jackie for the weekend was a MAJOR factor in a smoother moving experience for Jess! He is just THE CUTEST — and he has the sweetest little personality, too. What fun! XO

  6. Jackie just keeps getting cuter and cuter…and what a sweet personality. I love your weekend send off so deliciously!

  7. Oh, Carole, it’s more than cheese and crackers. You always have veggies, fruit, and other condiments, and your presentation is always flawless. So, not just cheese and crackers. I love those photos, too. Looks like a magazine photo. I’m glad you had a low key weekend. Everybody needs those from time to time! Jackie is looking bigger every time you post a photo.

  8. The weekend was spent packing and sorting and getting ready for our move. Still more to do, but it’ll be worth it.

  9. What a handsome little guy that Jackie. I can imagine it was very helpful for your daughter as she rearranged her household. The weekend ritual sounds so lovely. Beautiful summer days here this weekend and a Sunday brunch with a cousin from out of town was quite nice.

  10. I think I’m a little jealous of all that your time with Jack (and that he’s wearing a sweatshirt – wow!) … also the food you ate looks just like summer 🙂

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