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A Month In Review: September 2018

Let’s take a quick look back at September, shall we? As in, let’s look for . . . oh . . . 50 seconds!

I must admit I was slow to embrace the one second every day video but now that I’ve been doing it for a while I pretty much love it. I still don’t have great video shooting skills but it’s so fun to look back and remember a month with this format.

Now, for the more traditional look back here is September in 30 photos.

It was a terrific month of feasting with friends and family, celebrating birthdays (2!), plus flowers and some lovely scenery, and Jackie, too!

October, you’ve got a tough act to follow!

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  1. So nice, Carole! Great ways to look back at the past month. XO
    (I did the 1-second-video thing for a year — and thought it was quite fun. But then . . . I just decided that it was enough for me, at least as a daily thing. Someday, I may take it up again. But for now. . . I’ll just enjoy yours.)

  2. I never tried the 1-second video thing because I didn’t want to put one more thing I felt I had to do on my list, but I certainly enjoy viewing everyone else’s. I really like the 30 still photos and all the sunflowers and food! I predict pumpkins and Jackie in October. 🙂

  3. In the traditional format I can see the whole month in one shot. I love the color and the joy that comes through, including, or especially, Jakcie!

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