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A Return to Just Right Farm

Last year Dale and I visited Just Right Farm for a fabulous birthday dinner. At the time that I wrote the blog post I said I’d definitely go back and – as you’ve probably guessed by now – I did! I went last Saturday night with Doreen and Jo-Ann and it was truly stupendous.

The screenhouse is closed for the season so this dinner was served at a long table set up in the farmhouse. There were 10 other diners besides us and that made it great. As Kimberly, the owner, said when we were all seated at the table, there’s nothing better than a group of people gathered around a table sharing food and stories. But I’m getting ahead of myself . . .

In this collage you can see the table set for dinner as well as a crostini topped with goat cheese and local squash, a charcuterie board that rivals my Friday Night Snacks, and fried oysters. Those were our starters which we enjoyed while sitting next to the fireplace.

Once everyone had settled in and had some wine we all sat at the table. We were served 7 courses all together, the first course being red and yellow beats with a bit of orange, cilantro, labneh cheese and zaatar spices. Next was fried local chicken with hot honey (hot in temperature and spicy, too!), chevre grits and greens. This was probably my favorite course because . . . fried chicken. The soup course was celery soup with crispy shallots and bacon. It was smooth and creamy and really delicious.

After the soup course was the pasta course with house made fettuccine, salt & sugar roast pork and shaved Parmesan. The pasta was tender and the pork was delicious and I loved this course, too. We had a watercress salad with radicchio and then butter roasted cod with olives, tomatoes and sliced potatoes. It was so buttery and the fish was cooked to perfection. Finally, for dessert there was panna cotta with caramelized figs and pistachios. Smooth and creamy and light, it was the perfect ending to a really spectacular meal.

The setting was spectacular and being with my BFFs made it even better, it was a truly special night and an experience we won’t forget.


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  1. I would take any one of those delicious courses, but like you, I think the fried chicken is my favorite. Chevre grits and so many of the other recipes sound imaginative and delicious!

  2. Sounds like chicken is the winner! It takes me back to my grandmother’s fabulous fried chicken!

  3. What an absolutely lovely way to spend girls night out! All of it looks scrumptious and the presentation was very nice. I never seem to have dishes that look that pretty.

  4. What a lovely meal … I’m filing this away in my “someday” file. and now I’m smiling because you categorized this post as “That’s life” and I’m thinking “Yep … just life” (if we’re lucky 😉

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