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Tiny Person Tuesday

I continue to spend Friday afternoons with Jack and, while our routine has changed as he has grown, it’s still one of my favorite parts of my week.

His schedule is such that I generally pick him up after his afternoon nap, take him to the grocery store with me, and then bring him to my house until dinner time. Can I just say? This little guy loves the grocery store! He gets a piece of cheese from the deli, he smiles and charms all of the other shoppers, and last week he even chose a package of goldfish crackers off the shelf – convincing this nana to open it for him so he could snack on them while we shopped.

He doesn’t have a lot of words yet (mama, dada, nana, brother, more, no) but he’s learning some sign language and can now sign the word “more” which he generally does when he wants more goldfish crackers! He crawls super fast, following us around the house, peeking around corners, and giving us heart attacks when he races towards the wood stove or the stairs. His personality is marvelous, he’s cheerful and happy, charming and adorable, and as the shirt he wore on Sunday for a family gathering said, “everyone is thankful for me.”

Oh yes. We are.

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  1. Adorable and a real win-win! Grocery shopping is not my favorite thing, but it would be much improved with a cutie like Jackie!

  2. I agree with Bonny… grocery shopping can be the most mundane of tasks, but the smiling faces of little children are such a joy!

    Genevieve had quite a sign repertoire – so much fun! But, just wait until he’s walking… then the heart attacks really begin! lol

  3. Isn’t it just the best to have that on to one time? I get Ellis on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings and I cherish that time. And I LOVE the way he say Gamma!

  4. Those cheeks!!! And a shirt with vehicles!!!
    Little boys are so very sweet. (And charming.)
    I’m glad you get to spend your Friday afternoons with little Jack. What a treat!

  5. OMG it would be so fun to wear that shirt and torture Doug! 🙂 I can’t even imagine all the joy that little boy brings to your world! Hi Jackie!!!

  6. Oh how fun. It’s so exciting to rediscover all the wonders of the world (except for the heart-stopping ones) with your grandchild. He is a marvel. <3

  7. I love tiny person Tuesdays! He is an adorable little boy. Has he already learned to like pickles?

  8. What a little cutie! Glad you’re spending special times with him as they grow up way too fast. One of ours is taller than I am and his voice has changed. And 13 years ago I could hold him in one arm………

  9. Aren’t little boys the best??!!! Oshkosh, trucks and “no” 🙂 Sam still uses some signs – my favorite is “all done”! (it’s useful for grownups, too)

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