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Eye Candy Friday

Here’s my gorgeous Rock ‘n Roll amaryllis from White Flower Farm. She was in her glory last week with 7 gigantic blossoms all at once. She is spent now and, while I’m hopeful she may bloom again, this plant doesn’t actually owe me a thing. Was she early? Oh yes. Do I mind? Absolutely not!

You know what else I don’t mind, right? The Weekend. Hooray for it’s arrival!

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  1. There is nothing wrong with amaryllis any time of the year, and this one has been lovely. I just got a notice that mine have been shipped from WFF, so I’ll be glad to get them planted and some gorgeous blossoms on the way. Happy Weekend!

  2. I have amaryllis bulbs planned out well into next year. They will get me through the winter! My Candy Floss is just starting to open and OH MY! She will be a show stopper. I hope you get another stem or two off your Rock and Roll!

  3. I’m betting you’ll get another stalk and blooms — probably closer to Christmas! My Rock’n’Roll is just beginning to open — and I have one called Candy Floss (Margene has it, too) is a bit behind, but should be blooming in full next week. More to come! Have a great weekend! XO

  4. I have never had an amaryllis with that many blooms. I am going to have to order from the place you all got yours next year. That thing is stunning! Hope your weekend is too, Carole.

  5. I want to thank you again for suggesting WFF as the source for truly outstanding amaryllis bulbs. My first one has 5 blooms on one stem, and the other stem’s bud is starting to crack open. The second bulb is just starting to send up a shoot. I may have blossoms all the way through December!

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