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Three On Thursday

It’s a random three things on my mind today, friends . . .

  1. I was listening to a podcast recently and they were talking about goal setting and basically debating whether it was better to set a low goal and crush it or set a high goal and challenge yourself even though you might fail. I’m totally in the low bar camp on this. It’s why I set my GoodReads challenge slightly lower than the number of books I know I’ll read. It might even by why I put items I’m mostly completed on my to-do list just so that I’ll have the satisfaction of checking them off. How about you?
  2. Last spring I attended a workshop on essential oils and I’ve been really intrigued by them ever since. At this point I am using them daily for all kinds of things: meditating, headaches, freshening a room . . . I even had a cold sore recently and made a blend of lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus and peppermint to treat it and it definitely healed faster than usual. I’m buying mine from Young Living because I really want high quality oils that are extracted from real plants. I have a wholesale membership but I’m not actively selling the products (like with LipSense). If you want to learn more I’d love to talk to you about it and if you want to get a wholesale membership for yourself I can help you with that, too.
  3. The other day Kym blogged about having a theme for the holidays this year. She was inspired to do this on her own but her idea was reinforced by a conversation on the Happier podcast. I was listening to that same episode and was thinking I’d like a theme for the holidays, too. Something to help me remember that it’s fun. Something to help me make choices about what I want to say yes (and no) to for the month. I have chosen Have a holly, jolly Christmas as my theme. It happens to be Dale’s favorite Christmas song and I think it perfectly sums up how I want to approach the holidays this year. Do you have a theme?

And that’s my random Thursday! What’s going on with you today?

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  1. I know it’s nuts, but even at the grocery store I’ll add things to my list while I’m in the store (!) just for the fun of crossing them off!

  2. I thought I was the only one who added things to my lists for the pleasure of crossing them off! When I set goals, I try to set them realistically – high enough to be a challenge, but not low enough to feel like I’m cheating myself. I didn’t even set a reading goal on goodreads this year because I didn’t want reading to be a numbers-oriented thing but I think I’ll do things differently next year.

  3. I’m all about putting things on my todo list that are easy to check off … but when I set goals for myself, I want them to be a little bit of stretch, but still doable. (as for books/reading, I think I’m going to abandon all the numbers next year … we’ll see!) I love your holiday theme – I now have Burl Ives singing in my ear 🙂

  4. Ha! I love that Burl Ives song – actually I jut really like Burl Ives. I’m another one who definitely adds things to my list just for the pleasure of checking them off (makes one feel so productive, no?). Honestly, I’m not too much of a list maker and I don’t set goals for reading or dieting or anything. I may have to look into some essential oils (AFTER the holidays – lol).

  5. I also add and cross off items. It helps me realize where my day went when I have all big things on my list instead of feeling like I wasted it.

    I’m a stretch goal person for two reasons. I get big inspired ideas for events I’m doing and if I’m inspired I can make it happen. Two, I was the girl that swam the 200, until my coach challenged me to try the 500. I was even better at that. Big goals challenge me to more than I sometimes think I can do. I tend to underestimate myself sometimes.

  6. Oh, I always add things to my to-do lists to check them off!!! And with the goal-setting, it varies. I do the same as you with my reading challenge goal (because it’s just a tracking thing and not a “real” goal to me), but I do also set some stretch goals for myself, too. I also use Young Living essential oil products. (My massage therapist got me into that.) Love using them! And I especially love Holly Jolly Christmas as a theme. Just perfect! XO

  7. I went with All is Calm All is Bright! Goals…generally in the low bar camp too. And regarding Essential Oils…I figured I would buy them and they would sit!

  8. I am absolutely in the first group – I thrive on the seemingly impossible challenge. And, I have been pondering my “holiday theme” but have yet to make a final decision. However, I love your Holly Jolly theme!

  9. I haven’t made a to do list for months which may explain my current state of disarray. Curious what podcast you were listening to.

  10. Young Living is just down the freeway from here. We pass it when we’re heading to southern Utah. The lavender friends are amazing. I’m all about crushing it so tend to not push myself. However, my sister and I do a little challenge and she pushes me farther than I would go, plus there is that iWatch challenge, too. Anyway, we’re having a no themes and no scents holiday.

  11. Hummm…in my humble opinion, you don’t sound random at all. You have several goals for a sparkling holiday—you go girl!

  12. My goals tend to be all over the place. Some are as simple as “shower today” and some are totally impossible barring winning the lottery or a true miracle, and maybe even impossible then. I do LOVE to cross things off the list though so every tiny detail gets put on the To Do list. As for my holiday theme, I think it may be Survive. Gloria Gaynor’s I will Survive can be my theme song. Not exactly Christmassy, but fitting this year. 🙂

  13. The program I work for emphasizes reasonable and attainable goals-that’s my plan for 2019. A themed Christmas- now that’s a great idea.

  14. I really enjoy the idea of a themed holiday season. I’m going to reflect on this. Young Living oils intrigue me. That might be a good goal for the new year–studying up on oil use.

  15. I have a general to-do list of big projects, and a smaller list for things that need to be done immediately or soon. I try to set my agenda in my head the night before or the morning of. It works better if I do it the night before, and make notes for myself when indicated. This works very well for me. If I don’t set an agenda, I tend to get distracted and not do what I need to do. Probably more info than you wanted. I love crossing things off the list, and I try to be realistic about what I put on it.
    I use essential oils for some things, but I have found they are a money sink if I use them too much.
    My theme this year and every year is to set holiday goals very low and try to just enjoy the season. I do not want to get drawn into the “should” activities during the holidays. I love your theme, sounds like fun.

  16. I have so enjoyed the freedom of retirement and less rigidity in my schedule. I make a weekly plan (once a teacher – always a teacher) on a paper calendar so I can check off things. However if something doesn’t get done, I refuse to worry about it – I just slide it into the next day or next week. My plan for the holidays is to remember that Christmas is a season to enjoy and to consciously choose things that make me and my family happy.

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