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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Baa-ble Hat

Remember a few years back when it seemed that everyone was knitting the Baa-ble Hat? I didn’t jump on the bandwagon then but I thought it was a super cute pattern.

And then last January I was in my local-ish yarn shop and they had kits for this project all made up. The right yarn in the right amounts and colors along with the pattern. I grabbed it and it sat in my craft room for the rest of the winter. BUT I had set myself a deadline for the end of this year as part of Ravelry’s new feature they rolled out last January and it’s been weighing on my mind to get this done.

I knit it up over the Columbus Day weekend back in October. It went fast and, even though it looked awfully big, I persevered.

You know where this is going, right?

Too big. Waaaaaay too big.

Huh. Maybe it will fit Dale?

Annnnnnnd . . . no.

Jo-Ann had the brilliant idea of ripping it back and turning it into a cowl. I tried that and it was soft and cute but ultimately was a disservice to the pattern. As in, it just looked like a blue, green and white striped cowl because you couldn’t tell there were sheep.

I put the thing in time out.

But that Ravelry deadline was bugging me. And really, I wanted the hat to be done so I could wear it.

A week or so ago I ripped it out completely and started over with significantly smaller needles. (Can I just say? I must have read the pattern wrong because the needles I used originally were 2 sizes bigger than recommended. #rookiemistake)

I finished it up and I added a pom pom and done!

Of course the ultimate test is . . . does it fit?

Yep! It fits great and the pom pom is the bomb and the sheep are super cute and I love it!

It took a while to get to the finish line with this one but I sure am glad I stuck to my goal and got it done.


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  1. I love the pictures of you and Dale in the “too big” hat! Adorable. As is the hat, finally.

  2. You’re fairly adorable in it, too. And you got twice as much knitting enjoyment from that kit. You frugal New Englanders!

  3. Very cute. I made mine a couple of years ago and really…it’s a bit small…but I squish it down and wear it anyway – lol.

  4. Your fix is spot on! The hat looks so warm and fun to wear. Since I’ve been walking a dog I fallen in love with hats. I hope you have many chances to wear yours and show it off!

  5. This looks so soft, warm and very cute. Glad you were so determined, Carole, it is encouraging to the rest of us who make rookie mistakes. It only takes a minute of inattention, and whoops!

  6. That pattern is as cute now as when it debuted! Still showing in significant numbers at Rhinebeck this year. Yay for you! A wonderful finish.

  7. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who uses the wrong size needles! So glad you went back and redid the hat-it looks adorable on you and inspires me to get started on mine. Dale makes a cute model to BTW.

  8. Yes the pom-pom is the bomb. Don’t you love it when a reworked project rewards with you a good fit and cute item? Good work.

  9. That’s adorable! Glad you finished, again.

    I’m in the middle of re-doing the edging on a shawl. I decided it should be longer. Tinked the bind off, knitting merrily away on the edging. We get what we want!

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