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New Year, New Word

For several years now I have chosen a word to guide, inspire and challenge me and I have posted that word on January 1st. Today I am happy to tell you that my One Little Word for 2019 is story.

As in, what’s my story?

As in, how do I tell my story?

As in, what are the stories that impact my life?

As in, many things I haven’t even thought of yet.

I’m joining with Juliann this year and committing to posting about my word on the last Tuesday of each month. We decided this will be a good way to not only stay focused on our words but also to be accountable and to track the way our words are influencing our choices.

I’m hoping you will join us.

Happy New Year and Happy New Word!

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  1. This should be very interesting. I will be curious to see how this unspools. Happy New Year!

  2. You’re a talented storyteller in both words and photos, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this evolves. Happy 2019!

  3. I’ve been reading your stories for several years and look forward to many more and your exploration of story in 2019!

  4. I really love reading about everyone’s words – but this choice is wonderful! Really – brilliant! I am eager to see how you use this word throughout 2019! Happy New Year my friend!

  5. You tell a great story and I look forward to your word and how you make it your own! This is a perfect word for you! (IMO). 🙂 xoxo

  6. Have enjoyed your story since I found you blog many years ago through Norma, I believe.

    Happy New Year, Carole!

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