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Three On Thursday

The week after Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I love hanging out at home, I love having no lists of things I have to cook or bake or wrap, I love that Dale is off but that he spends some time pursuing his own hobbies so that I get plenty of alone time, and I love that we often make time for the movies.

Guess how many we saw last week? I’ll give you a hint. Today is Thursday . . .

Yep! We saw three! And I swear I didn’t do that on purpose but I’m awfully glad it worked out that way so that I can blog about them today.

  1. BlacKklansman We really enjoyed this one. It’s provocative and timely despite the fact that it’s based on events that took place in the 1970s. The ending is particularly moving and, while there is a layer of satire to the whole thing it’s ultimately a frightening commentary on racism in America.
  2. Mary Poppins Returns This one is utterly delightful and not to be missed. I smiled through the entire movie, I think. I was a bit skeptical, being a hardcore fan of Julie Andrews, but I found this to be charming and fresh with a few well placed nods to the original movie. In other words, it’s practically perfect in every way.
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody This film, as you may suspect, follows the life of Freddie Mercury and the band Queen. The reviews are mixed but I thought it was great. Dale especially loved it, in particular because of his work with a band for over 45 years now. Rami Malek’s performance is at the heart of this one and his delivery of Freddie Mercury’s talent, loneliness and recklessness are on point.

We’ve got more we’re planning to see soon: Vice, The Favourite, Roma and more but we’re off to a good start on our Oscar quest, particularly since we’ve already seen A Star is Born and that seems to be favored in nearly every category.

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  1. Saw Vice over the holidays (as creepy as its subject) and Mary Poppins which was fabulous. At least as good as the original. It was fun to see some old faces!

  2. You hit on two I want to see. We often wait to watch movies at home, but Bohemian Rhapsody and Return of Mary Poppins feel like theater movies. I might need to re-see the original Mary Poppins first. Or should I wait on that?

  3. I am glad to hear that I can safely see Mary Poppins. I wasn’t going to as I didn’t think it could be nearly as good without Julie Andrews, but I plan to now as it’s practically perfect! The week after Christmas is also one of my favorites. We visited Justin and I enjoyed three wonderful things (really more, but it is Thursday).

  4. Tom and I really enjoyed those three movies as well! We saw those. . . and three more: Vice, The Green Book, and Mary Queen of Scots. So many good movies right now! (Can’t wait to see The Favourite. It’s not here yet. . . ) XO

  5. I am looking forward to Mary Poppins Returns — I’ve loved all the previews and definitely got the sense that it wasn’t a REMAKE, which I don’t think I’d ever be able to stomach no matter who was in it. Heh. I loved Bohemian Rhapsody!! We saw Mary Queen of Scots on Christmas Day and enjoyed that a lot, too. I’ve still quite a few good movies to see (if they ever get here). I’m looking forward to Oscar nominations on 1/22!

  6. I watched Roma over the weekend on Netflix and enjoyed it tremendously! I really want to see Mary Poppins – especially after your review! 🙂

  7. We (my mother, daughter, and I) went to see Mary Poppins Returns on Christmas and all thoroughly enjoyed it! We really liked that it captured the joy and beauty of the original without trying to compete with it.

  8. Now I want to see Mary Poppins. You (and so many who have commented) make it sound wonderful. A co-worker saw it over the holidays and she didn’t like it at all (but she and I differ on so many things – ha!). We did see The Favourite and loved it. also saw Florence Foster Jenkins and laughed harder than I have in a long, long time – Meryl Streep was SO good in it (and Hugh Grant, of course).

  9. Now that you’ve confirmed it I’ll be heading to Mary Poppins possibly even tomorrow! I know Doug would see Bohemian Rhapsody too. Thanks Carole!

  10. Oh I adored Mary Poppins, too! and would love to see A Star Is Born before the Oscars. otherwise, I’m waiting for the movies to come to Netflix!

  11. I’ve heard so many great things about Bohemian Rhapsody and Mary Poppins. Sometimes we need a jolt to remind us of how far we’ve come [regarding racism] and how much further we have to still go.

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