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It feels like it’s been ages since I wrote a weekending post. And, I suppose, it has been a while since we had holidays and busy times and it’s often easier for me to write a Monday post in advance. You see, a weekending post generally has to be written at the end of the weekend and around here that’s Sunday night and (man, I’m going on and on) I really like to stay off the computer on Sunday nights. Ya know?

But right now the music is on and Dale is working on a puzzle and I’ve got a glass of wine and it seems like an okay time to upload some photos and tell you about our weekend.

Friday I did the usual errand type stuff but I didn’t get to hang with Jackie. The poor little dude has been struggling with an ear infection and cold since before Christmas and he’s better off at home than getting dragged around with me. I do miss him, though, and I’m hoping he’s well enough to come out and play with me this coming Friday. I had an awesome beet salad for lunch. I grabbed it from the grocery store and it was so delicious, loaded with beets and greens, goat cheese and walnuts and orange segments. A friend dropped by while I was eating and we both said how happy we’d be to eat salad for lunch every day . . . if someone else made it!

Dale and I had our usual Friday night at home. We listened to some music, watched some TV, and just enjoyed each other’s company. I made cheese fondue and laughingly referred to it as our Fondue Date Night, something I totally stole from an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. It was delish and simple and a fun change from our usual cheese and cracker dinner.

On Saturday we decided to go to the movies. I consulted with my Oscar guru and we both agreed that the top two choices for us were Green Book and Vice. Dale wanted to see Mary, Queen of Scots, though, and I let him pick for a change, partly because he doesn’t ask for much and partly because it was playing at a theater near a restaurant I wanted to try. I should have gone with my gut and overruled him because that movie? It was just okay. The setting was gorgeous, the costumes were spectacular, and the acting by Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie was superb but the whole thing just never really took off. At least the restaurant was good!

On Sunday we stayed home. We had talked about going to see a movie again but the call of the wood stove and the comforts of home were strong. I made omelets with spinach, feta and sundried tomatoes for breakfast. I read for a bit. Dale puttered around in the garage.

And we finalized our list of 19 for 2019. We did this for 2018 and really enjoyed it so we naturally wanted to do it again. A couple of items are on there because we didn’t get to them last year (paint our bedroom, get rid of the pool table) and some are on there again because we really enjoyed them, like our classic movie night each month. It’s a fun way to connect as a couple, to plan for things we need to do around the house, and to push ourselves to try new things.

Late in the afternoon I made this roasted cauliflower and hummus from How Sweet Eats. It was soooooo good, a really fabulous combination of flavors and I’ll definitely be making it again.

And there you have it. Weekending in 2019, Carole Knits style.

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  1. Thanks so much for the Roasted Cauliflower Hummus salad recipe. I had a similar salad in a restaurant and was amazed and astonished by what roasting does for cauliflower. I had always preferred it raw but roasted, w0w! So now I can do it myself with confidence. I also enjoyed the story that went with the recipe and think you have given me a new blog to read. Just what I needed. I can only hope that, as reading knitting blogs has NOT helped me knit more, then reading food blogs will NOT help me eat more. (Actually your blog is verging on being a food/knitting blog, with a side of babies. Nice!)

  2. It sounds like a perfect weekend, Carole! (Well. Except for Mary Queen of Scots. But, hey. Pretty people in pretty clothes.) Roasted cauliflower is my favorite way to eat any vegetable, but WOW! Does that recipe look great!?! I’m going to have to give that a try. (And I just love your “happy” plate. It makes me smile every time I see it.) Happy Monday.

  3. Salads are scientifically proven to taste better when made by someone else. Probably because they have 20 interesting things at their disposal most of us aren’t making to go in a salad.

    I make a baked Mediterranean omelette with those same flavors. You should know that roasted asparagus (leftovers especially) in place of the spinach is fabulous.

  4. What a fun weekend! But, I sure hope that Jackie is better soon! I am sorry the movie was not as you had hoped, but I have to say “finish Dale’s room” sounds ominous!

  5. What a lovely weekend! I’ve wanted to see Mary Queen of Scots, but I heard reviews were not that great. Still…I may need to see just for the costumes! I love any veggie roasted and I’ve been making roasted cauliflower with Cumin for ages. But roasted cauliflower with hummus sounds amazing! Thanks for the link. And just the other day I saw our fondue pot and realized we have not had that in ages!! Hope Jackie is back to feeling great soon.

  6. I am salivating just looking at that beet salad! For some reason, gourmet salads made by someone else are always better than the ones I try to recreate myself at home.

  7. Oh I hope Jackie is back to himself soon. Looks like there will be lots of roasted cauliflower on our plates this week…yum! You’ve really inspired me to pretty up my 2019 list too!

  8. Mmm, that beet salad looks delicious; I would just leave the beets out. 🙂 I do hope Jackie is better soon, for both of your sakes!

  9. I buy the Dole chopped salad kits whenever they are on sale. Someone else has shopped for all the ingredients, figured out what goes with what, and done all the cleaning & chopping. All I have to do is dump it into a bowl and enjoy.

    This has nothing to do with what you are writing about, but did you make the quilt that is the background of some of your pictures? I have been working on a mystery quilt that has like 11,000 half-square triangles, and I noticed that yours are fabulous. The more I learn about quilting, the more I realize that I don’t know about it. I am enjoying the challenge of it.

    Anyhoo, Happy & Healthy 2019 to you and your whole crew!

  10. Your weekend looks delicious and sounds wonderful (as always!) I’m hosting bookclub next month and bookmarking that hummus/roasted cauliflower. yummmmmm! (and Happy Monday!)

  11. I love your 19 in 2019! what a great way to lay it out, with places to check off and everything! I would be fun to fill it in over the year ahead. You guys go!

  12. I agree completely with you guys, salad for lunch every day if someone else made it! That beet salad sounds wonderful, and I have some beets, so maybe I will make this salad. Your planning with Dale sounds like such a great idea, I may copy! I hope Jackie is better soon. Those childhood illnesses are to be expected, but they are so hard to watch. Just think, he is building his immunity for a lifetime!

  13. Green Book is on my list, and I was thinking Mary QoS would be too-we’ll see. Here’s to another weekend for your to enjoy. Hopefully with some Jackie time.

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