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Eye Candy Friday

I know you’ve come here today expecting to see some pretty flowers or a cute picture of Jackie or maybe even something yummy to eat. However. Mary Oliver died yesterday and I think her passing warrants interrupting my regular schedule. I think it warrants all of us just taking a moment to read this excerpt from her poem “The Summer Day” and think . . . really think . . . about what it means to have one wild and precious life. I know I’m so grateful that Mary Oliver chose to share her words with all of us. She made my life a richer and more beautiful thing.

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  1. I’d never read any of Mary Oliver’s poetry until yesterday, and for that I am sorry. She was very talented and had a beautiful way with words.

  2. So lovely! She will certainly be missed. Thankfully, her words live on. (I will carry them in my heart forever.)

  3. Mary’s poems made me love poetry and for that I am so grateful. Thank you for sharing one of my favorites today!

  4. Thank you for sharing one of my many favorites. I am so grateful that her poems will live on and continue to bring us joy, comfort, and wisdom.

  5. LOVE this one! What a talent – what a gift for all of us. She will be missed, but fortunately we have her poems to keep with us.

  6. I am also happy that through this community I was introduced to her poetry. This is a most beautiful poem. Thank-you Carole.

  7. I found her poetry though a young cousin who followed her on Facebook. I had to follow also and enjoyed reading her work.

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