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I had a terrific weekend at home, not doing anything out of the ordinary but lots that made it relaxing and special.

There was Friday afternoon with Jackie. Let me tell you, this little guy is on.the.move. If he’s awake . . . he’s moving. Or running! I was glad it was warm enough on Friday to spend some time outside. Not only did it wear him out a bit (hello long nap) but he clearly loved it . . . that smile says it all.

Friday night. You know.

Saturday morning sunrise. It was cold but I went out on the deck in my pajamas to take this photo. I love that purple and orange sky.

There was also a wonderful dinner at Sean’s on Saturday night. Did I take any pictures? Nope. But we laughed and feasted and had a great time with our friends.

My Aria diffuser got a work out all weekend. I diffused some great blends (my favorite was tangerine, cedarwood, and black spruce) and it’s just such a nice way to make the house smell terrific and set a mood, too.

Sunday morning I made mashed potato waffles with leftover potatoes from Saturday night. They were good – crispy on the outside and creamy in the middle – and topped with fried eggs made for a really nice breakfast treat.

And, of course, Sunday night the Patriots won the AFC Championship and secured their spot in the Super Bowl. We were on the edge of our seats for that overtime bit and then jumping up and down when they won. We’re going to the Super Bowl!

Monday was all about staying warm. We had talked about going to the movies but it was just so cold we stayed in and worked on a puzzle and read. It was actually a very nice way to spend the day together and a great ending to our weekend.

How was your weekend?

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  1. That sunrise picture! Just stunning. Staying in is such a great option when it’s sub-zero. (So. Cold.) As usual, it sounds like a wonderful weekend, Carole. XO

  2. Staying in sometimes makes for the most amazing weekend and it looks like you hit it out of the park! (But, that smile on Jackie!! THE BEST!)

  3. I thought you’d be like, oh ho hum, we’re going to the Superbowl. LOL We had a big snowstorm yesterday and staying in was the option I took. Driving in ice (the roads are ice rinks) isn’t worth the effort. (So, I’ll stay in today, too!)

  4. Beautiful sunrise photo. There’s a similar mitten pattern on Ravelry. Got it bookmarked somewhere if you’re interested.

  5. Gosh, that sunrise is really spectacular!

    We also spent most of the weekend inside, and it was really the best. I did some crafting, some reading, some cooking, and some resting. If only every weekend could be a long weekend!

  6. That sunrise is GORGEOUS!! And WUT??? MASHED POTATO WAFFLES????? omg.

    I saw the last part of that football game… WHEW for you!

  7. Mashed potato waffles – what a concept! I’m going to have to try making them for the family. I wonder if cauliflower ‘mashed potatoes’ would work since my system doesn’t tolerate potatoes very well anymore.

  8. I think staying in when you don’t have anywhere special to be is the way to go in this weather. We stayed in most of the weekend as well. Mashed potato waffles?! Why have I never thought of that? I have some mashed potatoes in the fridge, hmm… I wonder how they would be with some veggies on top for supper? Do you add eggs or just use mashed potatoes? I am totally intrigued. I love sweet potatoes, so I wonder how they would do for a waffle? That smile from Jackie would make being outside worth it, I must admit. He gets cuter every time I see him! And go Pats, just for you, Carole.

  9. The sunrise is gorgeous. It reminds me of that colorwork hat – Alaska ? something? Staying home is always a good idea. And little Jackie is cute as a bug. They do have an amazing amount of energy that is for sure. We wouldn’t want it any other way though.

  10. We spent part of Friday and most of Monday with our local grandkids. In between, I sorted out my huge yarn stash, and even found some unfinished cross stitch projects. Sunday morning was taken up with singing at two services with the choir, a long walk in dry weather, and then more sorting. Your little Jackie is adorable!

  11. That sky would make a lovely quilt wall hanging. You had me at waffles, and topped with an egg; doesn’t get much better!

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