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How about some weekend snapshots? I’ll warn you now, they are (almost) all food!

Friday Night Snacks. You know the drill. Note the St. Patrick’s Day cocktail napkins. And also the cucumber “subs” which I made by hollowing out cucumbers and filling them with ham, swiss and cream cheese.

On Saturday I went to the Blue & Gold banquet and spoke on behalf of the Board of Selectmen. It did my heart good to see our community come together to support our scouting program.

We went to a couple of breweries in the afternoon with Jo-Ann and Shawn. We drank some beer, ate some pretty great Irish grub, were entertained by Irish step dancers, and then came back to our house for Mexican Train. Oh! And Shawn taught me to play cribbage and I might be a little obsessed at this point.

On Sunday the kids came over for dinner. I roasted a chicken (easier and more well liked around here than corned beef and cabbage) but I did give a nod to St. Patrick’s Day with veggies in the colors of the Irish flag.

And cupcakes from a friend with gorgeous green frosting and sparkles. They were delicious and beautiful!

That’s my weekend in a nutshell. It was good and it went by too fast . . . in other words, it was just like most other weekends around here!

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  1. Our nod to St. Patrick’s involves Guinness. There was going to be a famed Guinness chocolate cake, but someone else cracked open the last bottle before the baker got to it. Oh well,…

  2. The cucumber subs are a great idea!! All of the food looks wonderful and the weekend sounds perfect. Colin and I play Cribbage quite a bit – a fun game!

  3. My dad (a cribbage fiend) taught me to play cribbage when I was a little girl. I taught Tom when we were dating. Tom taught Erin. Erin taught Keith. So . . . I kind of get the “obsessed” thing! 😉

  4. I have always wanted to learn to play cribbage, but have never known anyone who played. I love games, but don’t have a lot of people who share my enthusiasm. Your pictures and food look marvelous as always. We did have corned beef and cabbage with mashed, which was very good. I hope you enjoyed your weekend, Carole.

  5. We played cribbage when we were first married with our best friends and recently we relearned the game with Larry and Cheryl. We like to play but don’t very often. I love games, but Smith does not!

  6. I didn’t learn to play cribbage until I was in my 30s and then I only got to play one weekend per year (the annual Girls’ Weekend). Since moving back to MA 3 1/2 years ago, I’ve played regularly and understand your obsession. I play in a league of about 45-50 people in Tewksbury every Tuesday night.

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