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I told Dale yesterday that we’re in a rut. Our days are predictable. Our weekends are routine. The pictures I take show the same things over and over. And yet, when I look back at the photos I took this weekend . . . I feel like it’s a pretty lovely rut. I mean, what would I change?

Would I want to not have had Friday afternoon with Jack? Especially when it was an afternoon where he napped on me for over 2 hours? Nope.

Would I have skipped Friday Night Snacks and my favorite way to wind down after a hectic week of work and meetings and commitments? Nah.

Would I want to have not taken Patrick and his girlfriend out to dinner Saturday night to celebrate their birthdays? Would I not have wanted to go to our favorite local restaurant and had fabulous seared tuna? Of course not.

Would I not have wanted Sunday to be a full day of clutter clearing and to not have celebrated the mild(ish) temps by having drinks and snacks on the deck for the first time this year? Clearly, no.

I guess, even if the photos are predictable and the things we do are ordinary, they are pretty awesome and I’m grateful for the moments we have.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Predictable and routine are just perfect when they consist of such wonderful things! (Besides, I would miss my Monday morning fix of food photos from you!)

  2. What did we do this weekend? Compulsively watched MSNBC and CNN, gnashing our teeth and wringing our hands.

  3. First off, you guys are pretty much “Grownup Weekend Goals” writ large. There’s a world of difference between a comfortable routine and being in a rut. Plus, pretty soon you’ll be making us envy FriYay Nights outside. Perspective makes a world of difference.

  4. I like predictable ’cause you can always count on it! I am FINALLY getting caught up on blogs and have enjoyed reading each and every one. Happy Monday.

  5. My husband and I just had our first weekend without our daughter around (she’s on vacation with my parents) probably since she was born, and it was an interesting reminder of what life used to be like before we became a family of three. While it was relaxing, it was also strangely quiet and felt a bit empty. It’s interesting how the usual routine, as much as we might complain about it, feels so normal that you notice its absence!

  6. I wouldn’t ever call that a “rut.” I’d call it well-honed weekend routine. That you don’t hestitate to mix up when other things come along. To me, this is the beauty of the empty-nest years. XOXO

  7. You are _not_ in a rut! You just saw Hamilton! You just went to NYC! You and Dale take trips all the time, and you have a busy, exciting life. I can see where any routine would feel like a rut, but I believe in the magic of ordinary days, Carole. And your ordinary days look pretty great to me. Happy Monday!

  8. Smokey and I were just talking about a similar subject this afternoon. We reflected that some people yearn for travel and adventure, whereas we are perfectly happy hanging out together, with the dogs, with one son or the other, doing regular stuff. As someone said above, it is a comfortable routine. Happily, we did some adventurous stuff when we were (much) younger, so we don’t feel like we missed out. Sounds like you two are happy in your routine — and you shake it up occasionally with a weekend or a week away. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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