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I’m looking at the 3 pictures I have to share with you from last weekend and thinking I should start calling these weekend recap posts Boozending. Seriously, I do more than drink on the weekend, all photographic evidence to the contrary.

Here’s Friday Night. The usual snack routine.

And Saturday Night. The first outdoor fire of the season.

And Sunday Night. Tequila, pico de gallo and guac for Cinco de Mayo.

In between all those cocktails there was Jackie time, a Reiki class, shopping, and plenty of yard work.

But still. I feel compelled to say . . . with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek . . .  drink responsibly!

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  1. You make me laugh! 😉
    Also . . . drinks just make for great photographs, y’know? Pretty liquids. Nice colors. They provide a lovely focal point. You can’t go wrong with a picture of a drink. XO

  2. Even on a weekday morning, my mouth is watering a bit looking at those martinis and the Cinco de Mayo snacks!

  3. It all looks good and who says living life to the fullest is irresponsible? Reiki?

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