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Weekend Catch Up

There was more to the weekend than pie – although that pie was pretty great!

There was Friday Night Snacks under the pergola. It had been raining and crappy all day but the sun came out at 6pm, just in time for us to head outside. It was lovely. When we came in we played Phase 10 and listened to music and it was perfect.

Dale spent a lot of time last week getting the deck stained and the railings painted, mostly because I told him I wanted the furniture back out there on Saturday. (My man works best with a deadline.) So on Saturday afternoon he and I set up the furniture. Our outdoor living room is ready for action! We got to spend some quality time out there on Saturday evening before heading in for a delicious dinner of scallops.

Sunday was relaxing and quiet and rainy. Hannah and I baked the pie in the morning and then late in the afternoon Jessica came over with Jackie and Hannah came back and made us all dinner. She joked that it was probably going to be the adult version of burnt toast in bed but she was wrong because everything she made was terrific. It started with some really great green goddess dip and veggies. Luckily I had the perfect napkins (a gift from my friend Rose) for the occasion because I certainly have taught my children that message!

And that’s a wrap on the weekend.

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  1. Your deck looks like a wonderful place to spend the summer! Here’s hoping next weekend arrives quickly and it’s sunny and warm.

  2. Your deck looks so welcoming! I’m guessing you’re going to be spending a lot of time out there this summer.

  3. So you’ve passed on the pie baking skills to the next generation. Have you also taught them about finding the perfect cocktail napkins? Or is that one hereditary?

  4. Three cheers to Dale on that wonderful staining and painting job!! Well done, man! (and outdoor living room For the Freaking Win!!!)

  5. I love your deck. So beautiful and inviting!
    And both the Friday snacks and the dip plate look very tasty.

  6. What a great weekend Carole! I pray for nothing more than to get out on the deck soon…it’s all ready and waiting…just need Mom Nature to do her thing!

  7. WOW! Your deck is House Beautiful perfect! So, I will show my ignorance; are those insect deterrents or heaters? They are impressive, whatever they are. Dale did a great job, and yes most of us work best with a deadline, so kudos for knowing your man. You are all set for a great summer of outdoor living, Carole.

  8. That deck looks so welcoming – a great place to spend summer evenings. That Dale is a keeper. I am glad you had such a nice weekend.

  9. oh … I LOVE your outdoor living room! and ANY meal prepared by someone else is bound to be delicious 🙂

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