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A Quickie Maine Post

Work reentry is a tricky thing at any time of year but work reentry when it’s the end of the fiscal year and beginning of another is it’s own special kind of hell. I had a stack of bills to process yesterday that dismayed me, particularly since I thought I had gotten a lot done before I went away. Those librarians of mine, though, they spent a lot of money in the last couple of weeks in an attempt to make sure we don’t turn money back.

On top of the bills I had payroll to get through. Pay day is every other week around here and I turn in 3 payrolls each time. BUT! Raises go into effect on July 1st so that means 6 payrolls this time around, 3 for the end of FY 19 and 3 for the start of FY 20. It is nice that July 1st was on a Monday as that makes for a cleaner split of the two different pay rates everyone gets.

And then, after work, I had a selectmen’s meeting. #superbusy and #ialreadyneedanothervacation

This is all just a long way of saying . . . I did not get a post of photos prepared to share with you today. I do, however, have a one minute video of one second highlights of our week in Maine.

I hope it’ll keep you satisfied until I have time for a proper vacation recap.

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  1. It always seems deeply unfair that three days in post-vacation it feels like it was ages ago. But it sounds like you were brave and dove right back into adulting. Hope today is less hectic.

  2. Love the video. We were in Bar Harbor last week and I just love Maine more each time I visit.

  3. Re-entry Hell is the least fun of anything I can imagine. I don’t know whether to be cheering that this is a short work week or not.

    But, YAY for librarians who buy all the things!!

  4. I like to be slammed with lots to do at re-entry sometimes because busy is better than being bored out of my gourd and missing/wishing I was someplace else (i.e., on vacation!).

    There. How’s that for spin?? Haha.

  5. It might have been nicer to gently ease back into work, but welcome back! Lots o’ lobster and beautiful views in the video!

  6. I guess they really need you at work, if that’s one positive way to think about it? Thanks for that 60-second Maine vacation. I needed it!

  7. Looks GREAT, Carole! I’m so glad you guys had a great time . . . and too bad about the work reentry. Never fun, but especially not at such a busy time. Hang in there — and enjoy your video when it feels too overwhelming. XO

  8. Re-entry is a pain. We have our end of year now also and I can’t wait till next Wednesday when it should all be over, the parts I have to help with anyway. Your video is great, lobster and gorgeous scenery.

  9. Welcome BACK! I don’t even have a job and re-entry is hard. Thank you for the video … can’t wait to see and read more about your week – it looks amazing!

  10. Oh goodness! I’ve taken on payroll in the last 8-ish months. It’ll be easy they said, just 10 minutes, they said, yea-they didn’t tell me it’d wake me up in the middle of the night in a panic cause I didn’t push that accept “button”. Tell me again why I was soooo anxious to be a grown up?!

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