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Macro Monday

Did I plan ahead this week and take a macro photo? Did I get out the tripod and use it to give a super crisp shot?


Did I take this photo at 5:30 am today? Did I choose this earring because it’s an inanimate object and easier to photograph?


My commitment to Macro Monday is not what it could be but here I am, showing up and putting in the effort.

Sometimes, especially on Mondays, you just can’t ask for more than that.


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  1. Mondays are always rough, no matter how much we plan for them. I woke up this morning convinced it was Sunday and I’d forgotten to turn my alarm off!

  2. Interesting to see you shoot an inanimate object. Do you find macro images add to or diminish these types of objects in shot?
    Happy Monday!

  3. At least you are committed, Carole. It’s early, it’s really wet down here, and taking a macro shot seems like a lot of effort to me, By the way, I love that earring. Happy Monday!

  4. showing up without a plan is still showing up. and I think that says a lot. especially on a Monday. πŸ™‚ (also, cool earrings!)

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