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Weekending, Summer Style

Like pretty much everyone across the country, we had excessive heat this weekend. We also had excessive humidity and that just saps any energy you might have for doing . . . anything.

And yet – we rallied and had a pretty great weekend.

On Saturday we attended a Brunch with Lincoln. While this would ordinarily be something I would send Dale to on his own, I decided to join him for the event. It may have been the enticement of a good brunch and not much else but it was actually pretty interesting and I have to admit I enjoyed myself. The man in the photo with Dale portrayed Abraham Lincoln and talked with us and answered questions (as Abe) for several hours. Dale was in his glory, dressed in his 19th century civilian outfit (I called it his period correct leisure suit) and acting as a reporter for The Boston Post.

The other reason I wanted to go was because we were halfway to Doreen’s and we made plans to go to her house for the remainder of the weekend. It was, as I said, super hot, and it seemed like everyone else had the great idea of going to the Cape because the bridge traffic was the worst I’ve seen in a while and it took us twice as long as it normally would to get there.

We were greeted with fresh flowers in our room and plenty of love from Doreen and her family. We had an enjoyable afternoon and evening but we all did retreat to our bedrooms pretty regularly as those are the only rooms with AC in Doreen’s house.

Sunday was just as hot but we headed out for some adventuring anyway. We had lobster rolls for lunch and ice cream for dessert and really, what’s better than ice cream on a hot day?

We got up super early Monday morning to head back over the bridge but we made a quick stop at the beach first and I snapped these photos. In just a few weeks we will be here for our annual family vacation and this little weekend away was the perfect appetizer for that upcoming trip!

Hope you had a fun (and cool) weekend, too!

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  1. You made it a pretty good weekend in spite of the heat and humidity! Doreen’s flowers are just beautiful, and I love that you stopped for a vacation preview!

  2. Mmmm, vacation appetizer. I like that. In fact, I think I’ll use that concept on my husband when pitching a weekend away. And seriously, period correct leisure suit it everything.

  3. What a lovely place to retreat from anything! And, I am with you… ice cream makes everything better – but those beach images. Divine!

  4. Those lobster rolls look waaaaaay better than the one I had this past weekend! Glad you made the most of it in the heat. Love that leisure suit!

  5. Oh my those lobster rolls look so good. They are not available on the West coast except as a speciality in high end restaurants. Thanks for great posts and lovely photos. Have a great summer.

  6. Oooo! Such a nice little “sample” of what’s to come! 🙂
    (And those flowers are just lovely. What a perfect bouquet!)

  7. We have a family friend who would love brunch with Lincoln — what a fun idea!

    It sounds like you made the best of the weekend despite the heat. And now I am craving a lobster roll.

  8. I want a lobster roll and ice cream Right NOW!! Looks like you had a great weekend (how could it not be great on the Cape? A lovey preview of days to come.

  9. ahhh, I wondered how you’d managed to wrangle a trip to the Cape! so glad you had a good excuse to get away!

  10. Dale in his ‘Walt Whitman’ pose? It would be about period right? Love the flowers, love the crab rolls, love the scenery. What a great ‘little’ trip.

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