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Happy Monday, friends! It was a busy weekend of socializing here at Carole Knits and I’m happy to share it with you today.

There was the usual Friday Night Snacks.

We’re so grateful to still be enjoying at least part of our evening on the deck. The heaters are invaluable now and make it cozy and inviting and do a good job of keeping the chill away.

On Saturday morning I met a friend for coffee. She’s establishing a photography business and killing it and we talked about pricing guidelines, local politics, juggling work, family & motherhood and more. It was a great visit.

Dale’s class reunion was in Plymouth and, since he had a band job in the afternoon that was closer to Plymouth than home, I had a friend bring me to the hotel and then Dale met me there later. I had a wonderful few hours to myself in the afternoon in that hotel room, knitting and gazing out the window and just generally enjoying some time with nothing I had to do.

The reunion was delightful. Dale’s class is small and I know many of his classmates from other gatherings over the years. I enjoyed catching up with friends and particularly loved hearing from so many of them about what a kind person Dale was in high school – and still is.

On Sunday morning we had brunch with everyone and then stopped at the beach before heading home.

I do love that portrait setting on the iPhone. I took a photo of Dale.

And Dale took a photo of me.

We spent the rest of the day catching up on football (Yay for another Pats win!) and even managed to enjoy some more time on the deck before heading in to watch the season premiere of This Is Us. I can’t say yet how I feel about these new characters but I’m hoping it will all come together in a good way that only that show seems to be able to pull off.

And that was my weekend. What did you do?


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  1. Had a crowd for Rosh haShana dinner – it was delicious! Gorgeous, gorgeous weather all weekend.

  2. I wish I could have coffee with you at Restoration Coffee! It looks delicious and you believe in them enough to wear the sweatshirt!

  3. Fun weekend! I love those beach photos of you and Dale! The camera on the iPhone is really amazing! We had a quiet weekend, but that is okay!

  4. Fun weekend! I finished a baby blanket and played with my new phone (11!). Got to try that portrait mode soon. Keep this weather coming!

  5. Oh, yeah. That Portrait setting is The Best!!! 🙂 Those are great photos of you and Dale, Carole! XO
    We went up north for 24 hours of intense work (plus sleeping . . . ) and pretty much no fun at all. Got the boats in and winterized, and those damn docks are safely on shore for the winter. Oh . . . and did I mention it rained the whole weekend????? (But today is 85 and humid. So . . . what’s up with that?)

  6. What a fun weekend. Your deck looks so inviting. Great photos of you and your husband. And can I just say, the cocktail napkins make me smile. We had a quiet weekend but we like it that way. Saturday night and the Nebraska Cornhuskers were a bust though. After the rain blew through on Sunday morning, I ran over to the Farmer’s Market to pick up some local salad greens and honey. I read and knit a bit too.

  7. The deck looks like a great place to be on an early fall evening, with the heaters on hand to ward off a little bit of a chill. Also, your cocktail napkins are awesome!

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