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I had a very nice and super relaxing weekend, made especially so by the fact that I stayed in comfie clothes from Friday night right through until . . . well . . . right now because it’s about time to get ready for work.

Here’s my recap:

I met Jo-Ann for a great cappuccino and avocado toast on Friday morning. No picture of the avocado toast though, Mary! I had a meeting that morning and then spent the day running some errands, finishing The Water Dancer while reading on the deck, and puttering around.

There were Friday Night Snacks, of course. And the movie Dracula from 1931. Not scary. Pretty lame, in fact, but I suppose the newness of talkies needs to be considered when evaluating that one.

On Saturday Dale and I planted the bulbs I bought from White Flower Farm. Spring Me is much more ambitious than Fall Me and my enthusiasm resulted in an order of 100 assorted daffodils. Dale dug the holes and I planted them in and among the perennials in my front garden bed. I also took the opportunity to clean things up out there, cutting back the dead coneflowers and black eyed susans and doing some other trimming and weeding. I haven’t yanked the geraniums and vinca vine out of the window boxes yet as they are still blooming. And I saw that woolly bear caterpillar. My sources tell me that the wide brown band means a mild winter ahead. I’m ignoring other signs which indicate differently and just generally feeling hopeful.

I did some work with the cricut and made this tray as a donation to the raffle table at a craft fair where I work. I later decided there were too many bubbles in the vinyl and took it off and need to start over but at least I got a photo of it first. I also made a quick run to our local butcher for steaks for dinner. We enjoyed them with some garlic mashed potatoes, oven roasted acorn squash, and a new Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel. (don’t judge me)

I made eggs for breakfast on Sunday and we relaxed and ate and read the paper together. We had discussed possibly shopping for a new office chair for Dale but both agreed (without even discussing it) that the cold rain falling outside made staying home much more appealing. And that’s what we did.

I wound yarn for a new project. Dale built a fire.

We watched the Pats beat the Browns while enjoying delicious snacks.

It was a really wonderful weekend.

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  1. Sunday WAS a great day to stay in around these parts, to cook something that makes the kitchen smell great, knit, read, and drink cider.

  2. You have just described my perfect weekend (except for the avocado toast)! I’m not judging, but maybe I’ll skip the Hallmark Christmas movie also. You set the bar high, but maybe someday I’ll make my own great weekend in comfy clothes!

  3. Your weekend sounds low key and wonderful. Someday I hope to have a weekend where Smith and I can putter together. For now, it’s just me (and Mylo) figuring what’s on my plate next.

  4. I had a low key weekend as well, Carole. A dreary, rainy weekend is good for doing all the things you named. Although I would say that planting 100 bulbs is not very low key. You are going to enjoy those so much come spring! I hope you stay the course this week and have a good one.

  5. Your weekend sounds just lovely and relaxed. 🙂 (We had such an action-packed weekend that I needed to nap yesterday afternoon!) I love the colors for your new knitting project, and I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be. And I am so proud of you for getting all those bulbs planted in your garden. It’s such a drag — but Spring Carole is going to be thrilled when she sees those blooms. XO

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Can’t wait to see what that yarn turns into. It’s such beautiful colors! I’m also curious to know what Hallmark Christmas movie you watched. My old boss’s daughter is a writer and several of her books have been turned into Hallmark movies. I took so many phone calls from her back in the day (I worked for her dad 25 years ago) that I feel like she’s partly my daughter too. I’m just so proud of her.

  7. A weekend bookended with cappuccino and deviled eggs must be a good one! I haven’t been watching Hallmark movies, but these Erica Bauermeister books are giving me the same warm feels.

  8. Great photos. I love the fuzzy caterpillar. We had a great weekend too – visiting our daughter and family. Those yarns sure are pretty together. What will they be?

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