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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: The Reykr Hat

Today I am so happy to show you photos of Dale’s finished Reykr Hat!

It’s made with Woolen Rabbit Kim’s fabulous WW Kashmir in the color Forever In Blue Jeans. This yarn is super soft and wonderful to work with and the name of that colorway, well, it truly describes Dale’s lifestyle. And mine, too, for that matter.

The pattern is super simple, it’s basically 1X1 rib for miles. Or maybe it just seemed like miles to me because I knit this one twice. I swear I checked my gauge and calculated accordingly but at some point while I was knitting it the thing just got too big. So I ripped out about 10 inches and started over. The good news is that with less stitches it went faster.

And the best news is that it fits and it’s warm. Dale has a lot (really a lot) of winter coats and this navy blue goes with just about all of them. The hat is slouchy and warm and checked off all the things Dale wanted in a hat.

A day or so after I finished it we had a very pretty snow storm and it made for the perfect setting for these photos. Dale’s Reykr Hat. I hope it keeps him warm and dry for a super long time.

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  1. I can tell from his smile that he’s pleased with it, and that’s the most important thing! Sorry you had to knit it twice!

  2. Dale’s hat is practically perfect! He and John have a lot in common (like many, many winter coats) so I’m thinking John might also need a great Rekyr hat.

  3. Would it be a Carole knit hat if you didn’t knit it more than once!? But your persistence paid off in a practically perfect hat for Dale.

  4. I thought Steve was unique with his collection of a zillion coats, but apparently not! I love how that hat turned out and I might need to make one for Steve!

  5. Great looking hat, great looking yarn. (Nipped over to Woolen Rabbit and purchased same color!)

  6. Great look for Dale! The problem with 1 x 1 rib: having knit that for an entire hat, it’s difficult to go back to straight knitting. Go on autopilot, and there you are again, 1 x 1! 🙂

  7. Now, Carole, you know 1×1 rib stretches a ton! You could have started too small, and I bet it would have fit. I’ll shut up now, as you already know this! The last hat I knitted was too big. What’s up with that? Must be a hat thing. I love the finished hat, and Dale looks good in it. I love ribbing, but I hate to knit it.

  8. I’m just getting caught up on the day and I LOVE this! It’s such a perfect hat for Dale and I love that it was knit with my yarn. WWKashmir is my most favorite yarn for hats because it is warm and there is zero itch factor.

    Dale you are rocking it!!

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