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One Little Word: February 2020 Update

I completely missed that yesterday was the 4th Tuesday of the month and hence I didn’t do my monthly One Little Word update on time. The old me would have let it pass by and not blogged about it since I missed the official day to do my monthly update. But. I’m all open and stuff now so I’m doing it today even though I forgot about it yesterday. This being open thing is very . . . eye opening. Ha!

For this last month I’ve been trying to be open to accepting help. I’m generally the person who holds everyone else up, who supports the people around me when they are hurting, who carries the weight of other people’s pain. Randy’s death, though, has exposed a lot of that as bullshit and defensiveness and made me realize that it’s not my job to make sure everyone else is okay, that it’s fine for me to accept help from others and not always be the one who is the helper.

And also,

Being open means being vulnerable and that’s okay.

Being open to love and support and help is very rewarding even when it’s hard.

Being open allows for new ideas and opportunities.

Being open creates space for gratitude.

Being open means being present. And being present is my continuous goal.

Being open means thinking about things from a different perspective.

Being open means being alive.



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  1. Accepting help may be one of the hardest things to be open to. I’m glad your word is helping you to see things clearly. Also love the rest of your list. Yes, you’re so right: being open is being alive.

  2. Y’know . . . “open” IS the perfect word for you this year. What a beautiful post, Carole. XO
    (And I’m right there with you, blogging about my word today. Instead of yesterday.)

  3. I’m sorry that it was Randy’s death that revealed how important it is to be open, but I’m glad you are living the learning (and teaching me with your word, too). I tried to remember the last time I accepted an offer of help, and I couldn’t find one! I know people have offered, but I wonder why I always turn the offers away. It may be time for me to listen to The Power of Vulnerability. I was struck by your review when you listened.

  4. I think open is absolutely the perfect word for you this year! (and I love that you posted your word today!!) It is not easy to be open to help from others – it is much easier to silently suffer. Thank you for this post and being open! XO

  5. This is so good, Carole … and I’m still smiling about this line “I’m all open and stuff now”. and about how being open creates more space for gratitude. yes. yes. yes!

  6. I think it’s very hard for women, especially women who are mothers, to give up the mentality of “I have to take care of everyone.” It’s not all women, but generally women are more likely to be nurturing, to put the needs of others ahead of their own, to feel responsible. It’s not easy to break that habit and that way of thinking, and I’m glad you’re tackling it head on and be open to accepting what comes.

  7. What a beautiful post! Why is accepting help so difficult for so many? I’m so sorry for your loss but I’m glad you’ve found some small meaning from it.
    Stay open!

  8. I love this post Carole! And, I smiled/chuckled over the same line as Mary – ha-ha). Bravo to you. Great list at the end as well. Thank you for sharing (so glad you did not skip over this post since you “missed” yesterday – today is perfect!).

  9. This makes me think…I’ll bet the people who are able to help you a little bit, now, are grateful for the opportunity of that ‘open door.’ Sometimes I think the most we can do for others is to let them help us. What a beautiful way to review your word.

  10. Carole, I am speechless, and that is really saying something for me. I am going to try and learn some of these lessons from you. This post was so beautiful and so on point for me that it made me cry. Thank you.

  11. Being open certainly brings it challenges, but I am very confident that this journey will be rewarding.

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